Festive Shopping - For The Hari Raya AidilFitri

One place that will be swarmed with shoppers looking for bargains this festive season which is the Hari Raya AidilFitri (Eid), is Jalan TAR (and also Jalan Masjid India nearby). 
Aside from the rows and rows of textile shops in the area, there are also stalls that open during the Ramadhan month to cater for the Hari Raya shoppers.
Shopping at the "Aked" is always fun for ladies. From textile, to ready made traditional baju kurung to headscarves to accessories... You can find almost everything for a Muslim, Malay lady to be decked in style here. :D That, and also home furnishings, artificial flowers, festive cookies and even food! Don't have time to cook after all that shopping? There are food stalls abound!

There is also Semua House mall located further inside for a more comfortable shopping. This is also a place to go in Kuala Lumpur to get all your  supplies for Malay weddings!
The Ramadhan Bazaar will be packed with shoppers daily especially on weekends. We were there quite early at 10.00am on Saturday and the place was already abuzz with activity. A note of warning - avoid this place if you hate crowds.

I'm happy to report I've already bought my "baju raya" (that's my new clothes to wear of the first day of Eid) at Semua House. I don't really go for tailor-made baju kurung and buying them off the rack is much easier for me. There is a shop in Semua House called SSH that I always like to visit each year. I even bought my engagement baju there way back when in the 90's. *^-^*

Next - shopping for Raimie.


  1. I haven't been there in ages. I remember when we were kids, I'd always follow my grandma to Globe Silk Store to buy all our curtains and stuff during the festivities ...

  2. Oh boy, I haven't been to this place in ages! Blame it on the malls we're having these days. Happy shopping!

  3. @Nick,
    everybody seem to shop at Globe last time, eh?:)

  4. @HappySurfer,
    True. With so many malls sprouting, who needs to come to Jalan TAR. For me, it was just once a year visit nowadays, to get the Raya feel. :D

  5. Mrs BB has quite a collection of baju kurung too. Like you she doesnt need tailor made stuff, she just fits into the ready made stuff. I remember for our wedding stuff, they didnt need any alteration either. She is one investment that hasnt 'grown' :D

  6. I guess it's the most exciting moment to shop for Raya :-)

  7. So colorful and festive. I love street markets like these, they are so much fun and great bargains too.

  8. @Bengbeng,
    I don't have that many baju kurung in my collection. I only buy just one new piece each year. Luckily, I can still wear all my all baju. ^-^

  9. @Dora,
    Not really! :D But I still do it to get the "Raya" feel.

  10. @Poetic Shutterbug,
    Great bargains, definitely. :)
    But with so many choices, sometimes its hard to make up my mind. ;)

  11. So where's the new baju? Come on give us a peek at it :)

  12. @Evan's Mom,
    All will be revealed on he 1st day of Raya. :D

  13. i bet we'll have to wait til the Japan trip to see that new addition to your traditional wardrobe?

  14. @Ayie,
    Naww... the Eid is two days before our trip. :D


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