Mall Trawling : Sogo

Sogo used to be one of my haunt when I was in college. Way back then, there are not many malls around town and even OneU wasn't even built yet. (Yes, that long ago. LOL)

Nowadays, I actually avoid going to Sogo. Located near both Jalan TAR and Jalan Raja Laut, going to Sogo meant braving through the traffic jam there. But to Sogo we went last week because I wanted to look for my "baju raya" at the Ramadhan Bazaar nearby.

Sogo is another place you have to avoid if you don't fancy big crowd.
 The morning crowd waiting for Sogo to open.
Everyone's excited looking for a bargain!
Sogo's Raya decoration for this year : Batik  Kuda Kepang

I didn't shop for anything at Sogo because I just wanted to go in and snap some photos of the crowd. XD


  1. I think I've only been to Sogo twice in my entire life. I don't really like going to that area much. But back in my younger days I used to hang out at Pertama Complex quite a bit.

  2. Sogo... I have only been there I think twice haha! I remember because my mom wanted to go there and buy cloth for curtains.

    But my oh my, the crowd sure is scary.

  3. I suka pergi sogo... ut not the outside.. ramai sgt pendatang asing...

  4. @Nick,
    Pertama Complex... so long haven't been there. Used to watch movies at Pertama Complex a lot! :)

  5. @ladyviral,
    I also nowadays, once a year and that's because we parked our car in Sogo to go shopping at the nearby bazaar. :)

  6. @yatie,
    tahun ni pegi tak?
    Kalau kat tempat kids & ladies, I surrender! Way too many people.:D

  7. Fuyooo..lots of people. I used to go there.

  8. @Willie,
    A lot of people used to go there, but not anymore it seems, including myself. :)

    The crowd can scare others. :D

  9. Hahahahaha....
    Lina.., you also wait there early morning ka? :P

  10. @zezebel,
    I didn't wait for Sogo to open. We parked our car at Sogo, after spending two hours at Lake Garden; and then walked elsewhere. :D

  11. Oh my, what a big crowd waiting outside, looks like many good bargains there :)

  12. @Evan's Mom,
    Sogo is definitely a good palce for bargains. Hence the HUGE crowd. But I can't stand the crowd there.:D

  13. Hello! Long time no visit. :P

    It's that time of the year where I get invites to my Muslim friends' Open House and taste their special dishes! Yippee! Are you going to invite me? :P

  14. @ECL,
    Hi! Hi! Hi!

    I always take a month off from cooking during the fasting month except for our Sahur meals. :D

    And no open house for Raya,we'llbe flying off to Japan on the 3rd raya until Sep 25th. Can I invite you to join us in Japan. ;)

  15. come to think of it, i've only been to Sogo once in my lifetime. :D

    wahhhh, Raya in Japan it seems. Is Raimie happy to skip school?

  16. @Life Ramblings,
    His school will be closed for the Raya holiday on 13/9-17/9/10. And the week after that is UPSR week which meant virtually no classes. That's why we thought it's OK for him to go during this time.

  17. i been to Sogo before. stuff is very affordable there unlike some Bkt Bintang establishments. The raya mood is getting hot in KL?

  18. @Bengbeng,
    For me, not yet... maybe because we are celebrating in moderation. No change of curtains or new furnitures for us! :D
    But going to malls you can hear the Raya song blaring which is quite annoying, actually. XD

  19. I used to visit Sogo quite a number of years back. But now, not anymore.

    What happened in Jalan TAR and Jalan Raja Laut yesterday? Massive traffic crawl!

  20. @Mei Teng,
    Aiyoh! Everywhere also jam in KL yesterday. Selangor public holiday! @_@

  21. just like the old days when I used to brave extremely crowded malls just to do my shopping =P

  22. @Ayie,
    Hard to do that with a baby in tow. But I've seen parents still taking their babies along for shopping even when its so crowded. o.O


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