Quail For Lunch

Ooopsss! Another food related post from me! Sorry Nick & Life Ramblings. :D

Do you like quail? Or have you eaten one?

Raimie had been asking about quails ever since he did his homework. He needed to list down 10 animals that can be eaten for his Malay Language homework and one animal we told him to write was 'burung puyuh" or quail. He was curious about the bird.

Have you ever seen quail in the wild? I used to see them by the stream in front of my parents' old home at my hometown but it's been like 20 years since I last seen a live quail out in the open.
Anyhoo... we went out for lunch on Saturday and what did we find served at the restaurant? Fried quails!
We ordered one bird for Raimie, along with fried rice to let him know how quails taste like.
He enjoyed eating it. Yummy! Taste like chicken. LOL


  1. Alamak.. I cannot eat bird la.. I mean quails and ducks pun I never tries.. Bird is coz I kesian.. Just like rabbits.. I can't eat coz I kesian.. Feel like crying.. I can imagine the cute thing when it's alive so orang kata kalau kesian cannot eat kan...

  2. But then so many people keep saying bird and rabbit taste like chicken so i think better i eat chicken je la.. since all the others also like chicken.. HAHA

  3. @Bella,
    You are a city gal. :D

    I'm a kampung girl. Anything can eat, I eat. I can kill those birds myself, if need be. o.O

    Ya, if kesian then definitely cannot makan.

    A lot of things taste like chicken, so yelah... might as well eat chicken! LOL

  4. Uh...never seen or tried this before.

  5. Hahaha ... you're really on a roll with this food postings aren't you? I'm darned hungry now!

  6. @Willie,
    really? Well, burung puyuh is not exactly featured in every makan place. Though I sometimes find it sold at Pasar Malam/Bazaar Ramdhan. ;)

  7. @Nick,
    ahahaha... did I tempt you?

  8. Eeeeeh....
    macam kenal jer budak ni.
    Quill? At my working place my boss always hunted deer for dinner. I don't think they will be looking at this. Hahahaha...
    Its been a long time I don't eat quill.

  9. @Zezebel,
    budak Jepun di Urutoranohi lah... :D

    Quill is a pen. Quail. :D
    My dad hunted a lot of wildlife. I ate landak, rusa, kijang, kancil, ayam hutan..... like I commented - anything can eat, I eat one. :D

  10. Quails are delicious, small and flavourful, another temptation i can't resist. i'm drooling all over my keyboard now. :D

  11. @Life Ramblings,
    Careful, otherwise you may need to change your keyboard! XD

  12. yes, taken quail before.. not cheap .. but nice!

  13. @reanaclaire,
    yes... & nice to eat once in a while. :)

  14. Errr...I think I still prefer chicken!

  15. @foong,
    not adventurous lah you! :D

  16. and the size is just right for him too!


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