Iftar With The in-Laws

Last Sunday, as our norm each year, we arranged for an iftar (breaking of fast) with Zaini's siblings. No, I didn't cook but instead we head off to Boulevard Hotel in MidValley. Every year, I am really lucky to have some kind souls sponsoring the iftars for me. Thanks dearie. Appreciate the  generous gesture very much!
Joining us for the first time for iftar was baby Farah! She was born on 28th May this year. She's a cutie, isn't she? Such a well behaved little girl too, despite having a bit of flu.

Food selection at the Wild Rice, Boulevard Hotel is nothing to shout about but the place is calmer and more suitable for Baby Farah compared to other more hectic and not to mention crowded hotels offering buffet spreads around town.
The indoor buffet selection. Nice decor, with the theme of "Tepak Sirih".
The grill section, by the pool.
They even have "Bubur lambuk" and gulai kawah!
I had no intention of eating rice until I saw these. An assortment of ulams and sambals! I'm a Pahang gal, and I just can't resist sambal tempoyak (that's fermented durian mixed with pounded chillies) eaten with raw vegetables called ulam. Yummy. If durian is not your thing, how about cencaluk - fermented krill famous in Melaka or budu - fermented anchovies; which is famous in the east coast especially Kelantan? :D
My selection for iftar. Huge mounds of prawns - butter prawns and grilled prawns. The sambal squid was a tad leathery in texture though. Plenty of sugar cane juice for me too. Mmmmm mmm mmmm... and a little bit of rice to savour the tempoyak. XD
I ended my meal with a bowl of cold  leng chee kang, tapai ubi (fermented tapioca?) and pickled fruits. I do like things fermented, don't you think? And a cup of particularly good mochachino. Bliss...
Raimie had fun playing, eating and taking a peek at baby Farah. He's still a bit wary around babies and don't ask him to hold one - he'll run away! *^-^*

The buffet at Boulevard Hotel is priced at RM85 for adults and half price for children. Way too expensive for me if I had to foot the bill myself! That's why I'm so grateful that I have a friend who never forgets me come Ramadhan month, although at times we get on each other nerves.

With everyone so busy, this is the only time we get to see Raimie's aunts and uncles. Two of Zaini's younger sibling will be working during the Raya holiday so we won't be seeing them on the morning of Raya! For us, we'll spend the Raya morning in KL with my father-in-law before making our journey back to my hometown in Raub, Pahang. Balik kampung!  Oooo Oooo Balik kampung!


  1. yes a cutie! looks at how raimie's all over her...maybe he wants a li'l sis too? =P

  2. @Ayie,
    Naw.... Raimie's the jealous type. He's OK with his younger cousins but he won't let his cousin stay over at our home. ^-^!

  3. wah....nyum2..
    not good for my diet...hehe

  4. Yeah that'll be grateful when someone takes care of the bill for a sumptuous meal! Baby Farah is surely a cutie pie :-)

  5. @zezebel,
    hahaha... definitely not! XD

  6. @Dora,
    Thanks. It was so much fun that Baby Farah came along and the aunts and uncles get to play with her. :)

  7. So glad u r enjoying yrself. Happy kemerdekaan :)

  8. @Bengbeng,
    Selamat Hari Merdeka to you too! :)

    Any big Merdeka celebration in Sibu?

  9. Family get-togethers are always fun and more so when it includes good food. I haven't tried tempoyak but I like cincaluk and tapai ubi. Yum!

    Awww, baby Farah is indeed a cutie pie.

  10. I never have Bubur Labuk before... I always want to try...

  11. @HappySurfer,
    Family and food go well together. :D

    You haven't taste tempoyak yet? How about budu? Dare to try? ;)

  12. @LV,
    Maybe there are some sold at Malay stalls in S'pore during this fasting month?

    For us, Raimie always get a free packet given out from the nearby surau after his religous school ends.

  13. Baby Farah is so cute! I drool at baby girls these days. :)

    I have never heard of sambal tempoyak and it's fermented durian mixed with pounded chillies!? How cool is that!

  14. @ECL,
    Me too! But I think I stick to just drooling at other ppl's babies. :D

    You have not heard/seen sambal tempoyak before? Come over my hometown and we can eatall sorts of dishes cooked with tempoyak. ;)

  15. i remember that jealous over the cousin post you did before

  16. @Ayie,
    Haha... lucky he is not yet jealous of baby Farah. Maybe because baby Farah has yet to come and stay with his Mommy! XD


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