Sahur And Iftar Essentials

We are going in to the second week of Ramadhan, a holy month for Muslims all around the world. For one month; this year from Aug 11, we Muslims fast during the daylight hours and abstain from food, drink and other physical needs. We use this time to refocus attention on God,  practice self-sacrifice and re-evaluate ourselves. 

However, there is one tradition we Malaysians love and wait eagerly come Ramadhan and that is the Pasar/Bazaar Ramadhan which offers an assortment of food for sale for hungry visitors. Temptation to buy more than what we can eat at these Pasar Ramadhan is definitely HUGE!

And I'm sorry to say that hotels and restaurants are raking a huge profit by offering Iftar or Buka Puasa buffetts too. For me, spending way too much money for these buffett to break one's fast is a waste and don't reflect the true meaning of fasting.

I know I love the abundance of food available at Pasar Ramadhan and I definitely wouldn't say no to an invitation to break fast (iftar) at some nice hotel/ restaurant, but I am also mindful that these aren't a reflection of what Ramdahan is all about. Well, I am guilty of taking a break from cooking during Ramadhan! We usually will buy one or two dish at the Pasar Ramadhan every day. *^-^*

But with all these food available abundantly around us, there is only one item that always have a place on my dining table every morning for Sahur (a meal before dawn) and Iftar (breaking fast) and that is kurma (dates). Dates provide sugar, fibre, carbohydrates, potassium and magnesium. Taking one to three dates when breaking fast will give you an immediate energy boost.

To all fellow Muslims,  we wish you a blessed month of Ramadan Al-Mubarak.


  1. Yes, I have to agree, Hotels and restaurants seem to be making the most out of the month of Ramadhan.

    But I really can't resist the bazaars and all its yummy food la ... LOL!

  2. I also think all these abundance of food during breaking fast is not reflecting the true spirit of the puasa month.

    But then again nowadays, money rules and restaurants and hotels will do anything to rake in the profits! And of course hungry people cannot resist the abundance of food available!

  3. @Nick,
    Me neither. But we always make a point of buying the minimum. No kuih, no drinks... usually what we don't eat on other days like Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu, Briyani... Oooh I shouldn't be talking about food so early in the morning! XD

  4. @foong,

    Yeah, money rules... and when hungry people don't think rationally hence the over-indulgence for food afterwards.

  5. yeah the Ramadan bazaar & buffet are packed with people! Selamat Berpuasa :-)

  6. I often buy traditional breaking-fast snack at pasar Ramadan. They are available at hotel/resto too but I doubt they can beat the taste and price of those sold at pasar Ramadan.
    Selamat berpuasa :)

  7. @Dora,
    Thanks. :)

    Yes, all these places are packed with people. Traders must be so happy. ;)

  8. @Evan's Mom,
    True, they don't taste the same. I like those sold at the Pasars better. :D

    Thanks for the wish.

  9. wishing u a blessed month of Ramadan

  10. The fasting month.... I have seen a lot of Malay families sitting in a restaurant, ordering food in advance and start munching in once it is time to break fast. It was really a view to see. I nver saw it like that in Malaysia haha!

  11. @ladyviral,
    really, you never see it in Malaysia? :D

    For me, I hate breaking fast outside because I have to fight for my seats with non-fasting people too. Sometimes, even before we finish eating, others had the gall of stading beside us pointedly to make us eat faster. :(

  12. At my working place, there is no bazaar ramadhan lina. I pay my friend the whole Ramadhan cooking for me. Not because I am to lazy to cook but Its a kind of way for me to help her. She got so many children to feed. The only bazaar ramadhan I can go is when I am back to Kota Marudu and the food choices are much less then what all of you in peninsular is having. Nevermind, less spending for me. Hehehehehe....

  13. I bought some fresh dates last year but had to throw most of them away because they did not ripen and were too hard to eat. I saw some at the supermarket last week and was tempted to buy them but refrained when I remembered last year's episode. Any tips to share regarding fresh unripened dates?

    Selamat berpuasa.

  14. @Zezebel,
    that's good of you. And doing godd deeds esp in the Ramdahan month, you pahala would add-up. :)

  15. @Happysurfer,
    Maybe others readers can give tips about the fresh dates? I myself have no clue. XD

  16. I always make it a point to visit the Ramadan bazaar annually and this year is no exception. have a wonderful Ramadan.

  17. @Life Ramblings,
    and to you - have a fun time visiting and eating your way at the Bazaar Ramadhan. :)

  18. i observe fasting (well i try) on holy week for us catholics

  19. @Ayie,
    How does Cathoolics observe their fasting? Is it the same as Muslims?

  20. during holy week you can abstain meats and also observe fasting on days or specific meals...I don't think it's as strict as your custom

  21. @Ayie,
    Thanks for the info.:)
    Our fasting is strict, but I find it easier to fast with a "niat" or intention to do it for religous reason (we can also fast on others days of other months but during Ramadhan month, fasting is compulsory)than just abstaining from eating with the intention of dieting. :)


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