Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Jom Makan Buah At Taman Warisan Pertanian

Last Saturday, we went to Taman Warisan Pertanian for the Jom Makan Buah promotion held on 7 and 8th August. If you remember, we went to the park a couple of  weeks before, but it turned out the event was postponed.
Jom Makan Buah! (Trans: Let's Eat Fruit). Either buy the fruits a-la carte or you can opt for all-you-can eat package and get to eat durian klon all you want at RM15 per adult.
Some of the fruits stalls. There were much more choice last year compared to this year's. And our favourite food; the snake fruit (buah salak) was not available. :(
Our choice of fruit of the day - Musang King durian! It was really yummy.
and some jambu air. I told Raimie that we never bothered to buy jambu air when we were small because the tree was right in front of his granddad's house. It was just a matter of picking and plucking fruits from trees, be it jambu air, mango, rambutans, guava, bananas... Now, we have to buy all those fruits to enjoy them.


  1. i would love to try the fruits there.. they look yummy n yet inexpensive

  2. I've never tried this Musang King before. I heard some say its nice while others say its too sweet.. Hmm.. Wish I could try some one of these days. Donno where to find.. Hope I can get one nearby

  3. @Bengbeng,
    these fruits are expensive there?

  4. @Bella,
    yes, they are a tad sweet... and creamy too. Not as creamy as D24 for me though.

  5. Ow, this kind of promo is really good. But i only like certain fruit. I love watermelon and honeydew.

  6. @Willie,
    Aiya... that fruits easy to find one. :D

    For me, as long as the fruits nice, I like. ;)

  7. i could even smell the durians from here which also explains my expanding waistline...sigh. :(

  8. @LIfe Ramblings,
    that's why you have to enjoy them instead of just smelling them. LOL

  9. Hi Lina.
    I love to eat fruits. Wish i can go to this event in the future.

  10. @zezebel,
    I bet there are similar events at your side there?

  11. Bright idea to go with some friends & have a fruits party there! Is this one in Putrajaya or somewhere else?

  12. We hardly bought those fruits too back then. Even if we didn't have the trees, our neighbors would love to share theirs to us. I miss free fruits :p

  13. @Dora,
    Yes, Taman Warisan Pertanian is in Putrajaya.

  14. @Evan's Mom,
    That's true. More neighbourly spirit back when we were young, right?
    I actually kinda miss climbing up trees. LOL

    Raimie is too much of a city boy to appreciate me reminiscing about my "young" days. :D

  15. we have our own varieties n clones such as available over there would cost a bomb over here coz got to send over by air for freshness or by sea but it has to be durable cost takes a long time

  16. ooooh i miss those fruits but of course except durian =P



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