Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Sushi, Ribs And A Farewell Party

I organised a farewell cum office party last week for two staff who will be leaving the office for a greener pasture. Good excuse for a makan time!
Sad to leave the gang, but gotta chow down too! LOL 
Attacking the BBQ ribs ordered from Tony Romas'.
Satay, sushi and BBQ ribs. Good food, eh?
The beehoon and the rendang chicken were not as big a hit as the satay, sushi and ribs.
The "buffet" line. Everyone was busy with food...
Sushi from Sushi King. 4 trays ordered and we managed to clean up every single item. Not too crazy about the potato-salad sushi though...

Since I acted as hostess, I didn't eat much. Only devoured 4 pcs of sushi while walking around making sure everyone eats enough though I managed to store some ribs for after.
For dessert - two trays of donashi from Big Apple and then some Cornetto ice-cream for everyone.

For Yeow and Gan, all the best to you in your new job. Don't forget us!


  1. food food..sedapnye... errr so ada kerja kosong ke kat sana sekarang??? hahahaha

    the doshi look tempting. sedap tak?

  2. @Yatie,
    x sempat makan pun. Sibuk ke hulu ke hilir. Although ada yg cakap x berapa sedap, compares to donut biasa, 56 pcs yg I beli tu, licin jugaks! XD

  3. Wow..the sushis are so colourful. I was supposed to attend a farewell do last Friday but missed it as I had to attend a last minute training.

  4. ahhh sushi sushi.. i love sushi.. now i'm hungry... :P

  5. @Mei Teng,
    Seems like a lot of farewell dos nowadays, eh? Hubby attended quite a few farewell dinners lately too...

    Last minute training? It was done in-house?

  6. @Bella,
    I'm so bad... always making you hungry. LOL

  7. omg...i love sushi...and they're so colorful!

  8. The dessert looks so inviting, I'd grab a few of them :)

  9. Looks like a wonderful farewell party. Are such events company-funded?

  10. @The Twerp and I,
    Indeed they are. A visual and gastrnomic feast! :)

  11. @Evan's Mom,
    I wanted to, but I was "pre-occupied". :D
    But I managed to grab the ice-cream later while distributing them. ;)

  12. The donashi from Big Apple are all very cute :-)

  13. @HappySurfer,
    Strictly speaking, farewell dos are not claimable...
    but we are talking about a function for a bunch of accountants here. XD

  14. @Dora,
    Yes. Kids would definitely love them.

  15. Aiyyooo, what a spread. It seems everytime I come here these days, all you post about is food, food and more food! LOL!

  16. @Nick,
    We want to entice you and make you forget your diet. *evil laugh*

  17. what a colourful spread. you're always making me hungry every time i visit u.

  18. @Life Ramblings,
    So I've been told by others too. :D

    I try not to post any food related photo for the next few posts. :)

  19. Hi Lina! i received a coupon discount for tony roma's and instantly thought of you!

    love those foods... how i wish i can have too!

  20. @Ayie,
    A coupon discount? Is it a lot? So, any plan to go? :)

  21. Oh you are the hostess? As a hostess sure no time to eat right? Haha!

  22. Ooh! I want satay, and BBQ ribs!! Not too fond of sushis though : )

  23. @foong,
    That's why... take photo oso no time one!

    You don't like sushi ah? No wonder not yet time to visit Japan. :D

  24. i have to check it again coz I want to eat there for my birthday!!!! wohooo!

  25. @Ayie,
    Your birthday coming up soon?



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