Monday, 13 December 2010

A Streamyx Account, Finally

We've finally got ourselves a Streamyx account. After many years with Maxis Broadband and less than a year using Celcom Broadband, we now are proud users of Streamyx.

We've been using it for a month now, and so far so good. It doesn't have the awesome speed I experienced with Celcom for downloading my Korean drama but I guess I can live with that. 

I can finish downloading a 700MB file within half an hour with Celcom but the fastest I experienced with Streamyx so far is an hour. A plus point of using Streamyx so far, for me is that Streamyx doesn't throttle the speed and limit our usage. With Celcom, once I use my 5GB limit, good luck dowloading anything within 8 hours! Yup, it'll turn slow unless I top-up and pay more to use. And during my "OCD" phase wanting to finish a Korean Drama, Sungkyungkwan Scandal, I did top-up RM50 for another 5GB just so I can download all the episodes in one go just so I can watch them all quickly!

There's a problem though. The house being wi-fi'ed now, and with each of us having our own notebook each (yup,including Raimie); we may be sitting physically together in the hall but have less interaction now. The three of us are too busy staring at our own computer screen! 

Now, do we get another broadband account for my FIL's house? After all, when the school holiday's over, we'll be back to staying there on school nights.


  1. LOL! I know how that feels. We're also wi-fied at home and I've just recently hooked the boys up too so now while we're all at home at the same time, we're also elsewhere too ... kinda surreal feeling really but congrats on getting your streamyx :D

  2. Congrats! But I just replaced Streamyx with Unifi some three months ago and I'm enjoying the better service. Unifi is a 3-in-1 package - tv, Internet and Phone. Not using the tv facility because I still prefer Astro. The Internet part is awesome - absolutely no hiccups; and the phone - free domestic calls to landline numbers. Just Choice of wifi too. Just my two cents.

  3. @Nick,
    It's rather disconcerting though. Being together but yet, we are far apart; each lost in our own world.

  4. @HappySurfer,
    You got Unifi? Cool!
    We wanted to try but Unifi is yet covered in our area.

  5. i have been using Streamyx for like 3 years already, and am still happily using it..

  6. albeit there were a couple of times i have connection problem and have to call up TM helpdesk and really get fussy on how long you need to hear the automated machine speaking before you are connected to an operator.. and how much longer you have to hold on the line until the operator picks up your call.. and then how much hell longer they need to simulate your problem by asking you 1000s questions and doing 1000s things.. and at last, nothing helps and they will send their engineers..

  7. overall, i still think the speed is good and i am also able to download my 300MB HK Drama within 30 minutes.. haha!!

  8. and now they have YES 4G in the market, i am quite tempted to give it a try though, as Streamyx is fixed at home and that 4G dongle is mobile..

  9. I am still using Streamyx and it's mostly OK except on some occasions it gets rather slow.

  10. :) now hubs, Raimie n you can chat with each other online within the same room

  11. @SK,
    Mobile broadband is kinda overrated for me, a user of one for quite a number of years now. But maybe YES 4G is better lah...

    Anyway, no mobile internet, can always go places with wi-fi, also. :D

  12. @foong,
    I'm hoping for the best with Streamyx. :)
    Slow connection time - I die lah...

  13. @bengbeng,
    If we did that, I think we have a serious interaction problem already! XD

  14. hopefully you'll have a smooth connection

  15. @Ayie,
    So far so good. :)

    But I do miss having a mobile connection and be able to be online anywhere I wish. ;)



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