Lunch At Malay Tea House

So, what was your activity on Christmas Day yesterday?

For us three, we decided to turn tourists and explore a little bit of our city. This is the first post of a few about what we did and where we went on Christmas Day.

The first order of business was lunch, and we decided to have a Malay style lunch in Central Market (Pasar Seni) at a place called the Malay Tea House.
Entering the place is like going back in time and landing in an old kampung house kitchen, complete with wooden benches and oil lamps. The place offers a huge selection of Malay teas for sale and traditional Malay fares.
I absolutely love this table. Interesting, no? We didn't sit at this table though, choosing a wooden table next to it to avoid the reflection when taking photos.
A kendi - a familiar sight at Malay kenduris.  It is used to wash one's hand.

The staff were friendly and when I asked whether it's OK for us to make a nuisance of ourselves and take photos, she happily told us that it's not a problem.
Our drinks - we ordered Mas Cotek Limau tea (RM6.00) and Pegaga Selasih (RM6.00)
Raimie washing his hand using the "kendi".
Our meal. We ordered Nasi Ayam Rempah (RM7.90), Nasi Goreng Bonda (RM4.50), Pulut Kuning & Sambal Tumis (RM5.00) and Meehun Sup (RM5.00) to be shared amongst us.

It might not fully satisfy one's longing for a really traditional Malay food, but it's good enough. I kinda miss using the plates that they used to serve the food in. The plates reminded me of my grandmother's house in the kampung. I don't see anyone I know using these plates anymore nowadays, myself included!


  1. i hv a kendi fr kelantan many years ago..still great!

  2. @wenn,
    You do? Cool!

    We usually buy loads from Padang Besar. I dunno - it's like, it's somethingwe need to do when we go to Padang Besar. Buy kendi, or buy toto. LOL

  3. Raimie seems to have grown during the hols. the meal is priced reasonably

  4. Wah, Central Market. I haven't been to that place for god knows how long. And that Tea House looks like a cool placer to visit. Might just go there during my one week break :D

  5. Nice la this place. Pinggan sgt classic!

  6. @Bengbeng,
    He sure seems like he's grown a lot, doesn't he? :)

    Yeah, the price rather reasonable especially with the location in CM, a tourist trap.

  7. @Nick,
    If not for the fact I was taking a blogging friend out visiting KL, I would not have visited CM too!

    It's fun having a meal there. :)

  8. @Farah,
    Memang very nice. I like the classic plates too. Macam pinggan yg kita guna masa dulu-dulu. Nostalgia tu..... :D

  9. What a nice place! I love to eat there if I ever visit KL.

  10. @jellybelly,
    Yes, do make a visit. :)

  11. I love tea^^ be they english or malaysian^^ and tit bits just enhances the experience^^

  12. @Glo-w~*,
    Me too. Indian also can, Japanese or Chinese tea too! :)

  13. i like the deco and setup of this tea house.. very nice and kind of retro yeah??

  14. but then the drinks are a little expensive, RM6 for that glass of "teh-o-ais-limao"?? i wouldn't be willing to pay for that~~ :p

  15. the food looks nice and quite reasonably priced, i really cannot understand why that glass of drink is more expensive than the food?? @_@

  16. @SK,
    Special tea, mah... Malay herbal tea. Maybe hard to get dried and pressed. LOL

    And yes, the tea in leaves form were expensive too!

    I agree the food is reasonably priced. Where to get nasi goreng for that price nowadays. Their price is like eating at a roadside stall. :D

  17. I want to visit this quaint little place! So cool! Pasar Seni? *check KL map*

    Thanks for this recommendation. ;)

  18. @ECL,
    Yup, Pasar Seni a.k.a Central Market. It's a bit hidden at the back, near the tidbits - kerepek, bahulu, etc shop. :)

  19. I love everything in there!

  20. @Ayie,
    You do? Great! I know now a place to take you for a meal. ;)

  21. You're making me want to meet you all there in M'sia already! How I wish =D

  22. @Ayie,
    It's not thar far from the Philippines. :)

    How long are you planning to spend back in the Phils?

  23. Tq for writing about this place. We r going to try the other outlet at FRIM. Been looking for a nice place to eat and stumbled upon your entry about Malay Tea House. Jatuh cinta dgn gambar makanan dulu...hahahahaha!

    Anymore suggestion cool place like this to eat in KL. Dad is a bit picky about food, nak makan lauk melayu aje...

  24. @wawajoe,
    Glad it's of help. ^^


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