Appreciating The Architecure : At The Railway Station

Did I mention that we had a packed day on Christmas Day?

First, we braved the jam at MidValley mall to pick up my friend, Anna who flew from Japan to enjoy a hot, tropical Christmas in Malaysia. We had lunch at the Malay Tea House in Central Market. Then we walked to the nearby Sultan Abdul Samad Building and Dataran Merdeka.

Where else did we go that day? Well, we visited the The Kuala Lumpur Railway Station.
The station is unique blend of various architectures, and has elements from the 13th and 14th century Ottoman and Mughal empires as well as Gothic and ancient Greek designs. Another example of Moorish architecture in splendour here in KL.
Smile for the camera!
KTM Building. Its high and wide verandahs is well adapted to the tropical climate.
The station is pretty quiet nowadays as all the Intercity train services doesn't stop here anymore. With the completion of the new transportation hub of KL Sentral, the central hub for the railway system has now been relocated to the newer facility. This railway station is currently used as one of the station of KTM Komuter and as a bus station for NICE Executive Coach and Plusliner Economy Express to Singapore.
Train approaching! But not stopping. :D 

I kinda miss taking the train here. Zaini and I used to take a train here to Seremban - way back when we can't afford our own car; to go to Port Dickson for our weekend retreat. Yea, me and Zaini go a long way back and we were dirt poor back then. ;)
Some exhibits at the Railway Station, showcasing trains' equipments of yesteryears. The place was pretty deserted but while taking a break from the heat in the air-conditioned station, we were approached by a man soliciting money from us. Hmmm... that was nice. NOT!


  1. of course I don't mind!!! I can't wait for the photos from my favorite restaurant, the one we went to on Monday. I still dream about the food there. The noodles, that ice treat... OhmygodIwantsomenowsobadly! :-)
    Happy new Year! There will be no midnight trip to the shrine. We'll go tomorrow in the afternoon.

  2. @A,
    Should I post that up soon? I was thinking of doing it maybe like mid-Jan. :D

    Have fun at the shrine tomorrow! And Happy New Year to you, Y & the cats. ;)

  3. oh yeah, i think a lot of tourist would be impressed by the KL Railway Station for it's unique architecture..

  4. many times when i was commuting in LRT and we passed by the building, i saw tourists are just so captivated by the building and trying to take photos.. :)

  5. but being a malaysian i don't think i've ever been there for more than 5 times, haha!! when things are just so close to us, we never tend to appreciate.. :p

  6. oh BTW, i just received the fridge magnet in good order.. i like the packaging, very nice, all from the MV Funtoystic theme which i like it so much.. thanks a lot for that!!! :)

  7. @SK,
    Yeah, we tend to miss on great sites at our own backyard and look for those far away from ours. Thank goodness for outstation/overseas relatives/friends to maybe make us appreciate them again when we bring them around. Right?

    You received the fridge magnet already? Cool! I was worried it might get lost in transit that's why I put it in those MV's card. :D Don't throw the card away so soon, OK? :D

    You didn't like my Rilakkuma note? Just the MV's card. :P

  8. These are awesome pictures, Lina. Thanks for sharing them. I'm glad the station is still in use albeit on limited basis. I always enjoy the view of this part of KL from the elevated highway. Never fail to make me smile with pleasure.

    I've taken the Nice bus to Sgp several years ago and it was a most pleasant 5-hour ride.

  9. @HappySurfer,
    We KLites probably won't ever stop and marvel the architecture here and if we did go to the station, I guess we are occupied with getting on our journey.

    I was glad I got the time and opportunity to stop and enjoy the building. ;)

  10. I love this railway station but never really visited it. Just passed by many times and admired the architecture.

  11. @foong,
    the building is great to be viewed from afar too. :)

  12. @bengbeng,
    because of the guy soliciting money? Well he wasn't aggressive about it and we just said no and he left us alone.

  13. I remember that structure in our history of architecture subject, I too appreciate that beauty.

  14. heheh i fell asleep lastnight and no more blogging. Baby woke up 6am today and i was able to put him to sleep already but mommy isn't sleepy at all anymore. Resume blog hopping!

  15. @Ayie,
    Old buildings have plenty to tell, haven't they?

    Is it now 6.00am? Morning Ayie!


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