Lunch With Zezebel

Yesterday, I had the opportunity of meeting a fellow blogger who came all the way from Kota Marudu, Sabah to KL for a vacation.

Zezebel of Princess Zezebel Lair, came to Midvalley with her fiance and we arranged to meet  up over lunch.

Now, if you ever come to Midvalley and give me a call, you should know that I'd probably suggest one place for lunch and that's something Japanese! Why? Shimmy over to Urutora No Hi for the reason, if you don't know yet. 

I'm sorry if I monopolised the conversation by talking a LOT about myself, Japan, Japanese food and whatnot, dearies! We'll talk about something else next time, OK? :D
My lunch. I always choose this whenever I eat at Yuzu. It's salt grilled salmon head.
Zezebel and her lunch set. It's a tempura & sashimi set.
and her fiance choose the unagi set.
and here's me & Zezebel posing for the camera in front of Yuzu after our lunch. (But crap! I sure look fat beside Zezebel)

It was rather a short lunch (well, short by my standard that is) but I didn't want to further monopolise their time. They need plenty of time checking out both MidValley Mall & Gardens Mall too, right? :-)

Actually, the manager had promised to give free ice cream for us but I didn't want to wait. I hope the table calendars suffice for you. Look at the calendar and think of me. *^_^* Haha


  1. what? where got look fat la.. oh but yums, me loves japanese food too. it'll be the first restaurant i look for before others :D

  2. haha, saya nampak gemuk juga dalam gambar, tapi tak pe lah, yang penting dapat jumpa hehe. Thanks for the treat, pengalaman yang tak kan di lupakan (hahaha). Kalender tu saya ambik 2, satu utk umah, satu simpan kat opis, sure tak lupa punya...hehe

  3. if i had known u would meet bloggers i would have made overtures n possibly land up in KL if i am lucky hehe for some Jap food. this trip was just too long.. i didnt know how to pass the time. i came back to Sibu last nite n tonite i have to send Benghui to Miri for a ushu tournament

  4. @Bella,
    Not fat ah? Thank you for saying that! You make me happy in the morning! LOL

    So no problem if we ever meet, Kita just cari a Japanese restaurant to go makan, eh? ;)

  5. @zezebel,
    You nampak gemuk! Lagi, where got! :D

  6. @Bengbeng,
    If you are in town, and I'm not tied up with anything, I have no problem meeting people. :)

    Am meeting someone who is flying from Japan, hopefuly this Sunday too. ^-^

    Wah, come back to Sibu not time to rest. Anyway, good luck to Benghui at the Wushu Tournament!

  7. That salt grilled salmon head sounds delicious esp when it goes with hot rice.

  8. @HappySurfer,
    Yeah, heavenly with a bowl of piping hot rice. You are making me drool over my food, lah! XD

  9. You treat ah!? I will call you when I'm in KL. :D

  10. I've been trying to email you for days but seems like cannot get the message to you.

  11. @ECL,
    Cannot lah, cannot afford bring you nice places one. :D

    Got problem with e-mail? Or lemme try e-mailing you first. Your e-mail addr is in your profile?

  12. alamak, you want to squat by the roadside eat satay and rojak. :P

    I managed to email you. Hope you can receive it. :)

  13. @ECL,
    Hahaha... can ah? Got 1 nice rojak place nearby Petronas in Bangsar. I'll take you there. XD

    Yup, receive your e-mail and replied already. :)

  14. haha... good idea! I shall go look for you when I go back also.. =)

  15. @Cindy,
    Aiyo! You all so bad! Like this, I've to make sure I strike 4D first before I can meet any of you. XD

  16. haha.. no need... i enjoy us squatting by the road side eating a bowl of ais kachang... or sitting down at some nearby hawker stall and order a plate of Hokkien mee / char kuay teow... =)

  17. @Cindy,
    No need to squat lah. Sure they provide stools one! LOL

    You make me suddnely crave for fried koay teow now! :D

  18. yeah, it's always nice to meet up with bloggers, because you'd sure have unlimited things to talk about regarding the blogsphere..

  19. so this is your favourite japanese restaurant?? i've only been there once for lunch, the food is quite nice i would say but then in the more expensive end to me..

  20. @SK,
    Yeah, we bloggers sure can have plenty to talk about. Last time I met Foong, I think we spent like over 2 hours talking while eating lunch! Hohoho

    I like the restaurant and its vicinity (the nearest to my office so I don;t need to walk far. LOL) Some more, the managers there are nice to me. ;)

    I like Yuzu better than Hokkaido Ichiba. You?

  21. How great to have met a fellow blogger! I also follow Zezebel's blog :) Yummy food, is that Japanese? ;-)

  22. @Jellybelly,
    It's always fun to meet up fellow bloggers. Maybe someday I can meet you too! Who knows, eh? :)

    Yes, that's Japanese food.

  23. I wonder when will my chance to meet you guys in real ever come!?

  24. @Ayie,
    Either when you come to this part of the world or when we both go to Japan.

    It's highly unlikely for us to visit US though. I'd be scared stiff talking English there! LOL

  25. Japan it is! But if you come here too and visit us over will surely cook a feast for you!

  26. @Ayie,
    I'm so tempted to barge to your house and eat your home-cooked food!


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