Rain, Rain Go Away

Just a bit of ranting about the rain. I hate feeling damp. I hate feeling cold. Ugh.

It's raining on almost a daily basis now and I'm stuck at the office at the moment. Hubby would definitely be a bit late too, as everytime it rains heavily, the LRT seems to experience malfunction of some kind. Notice that?

Walk back to my father-in-law's house in this weather and spoil my Japan bought shoes? Not likely! LOL

Any thoughts of going for a sunny holiday in Malaysia is definitely out at this time. No visit to any waterfall either, as it'll be too dangerous!

Hmmm.... I wish I can crawl in bed and snuggle under my blanket now instead of sitting at the office waiting for the rain to subside.


  1. cuaca mcm ni remind time dok kampung.. mkn ubi rebus, mkn ikan sungai...air kopi panas....
    tapi kalau kat bandar boring sgt tidur je la

  2. yeah, i don't like rain also.. i always prefer bright and shiny days, i love to see blue sky with cottonly white clouds.. it feels like giving more energy and hope right?? :)

  3. i only like raining while i am sleeping at home, haha~~ :D

  4. @SK,
    Exactly! Bright days definitely give me energy. But too hot also, I cannot tahan! ('_') How lah...

    Same with me. Dive under the covers when it's a cold, rainy day is the best way to endure it. (^o^)

  5. It has been raining here too and when it's raining me and baby stay warm at home. My pobresito has been in pain and little fever due to his teething, mommy feels bad =(

  6. it's been raining on and off here too and the weather seems gloomy now which makes everything just a little bit uglier.

  7. @Ayie,
    Poor baby Jariel! He must be feeling so uncomfortable now.

  8. @LR,
    Yeah... everyday feels gloomy now. :(

    And seeing the water level of Klang river gives me the hebejebeez nowadays. o.O

  9. I actually love the rain cos at least the weather is cool but yes, I wish I was cuddled up under the blankets snoozing away too instead of working :D

  10. @Nick,
    So did you?

    I wish I can continue to snuggle this morning. I actually woke up late at 6.45am today and was happily in dreamland until hubby woke me up! :D

  11. It's also raining daily in SG, I'm enjoying the cool weather though. :)

  12. @ECL,
    It's cooling as opposed to battling the heat daily, right? :)

    But for me, I'm starting to miss the sunny days. XD

  13. Of course the best place when it rains is in your bed and sleeping! So enjoyable!!

  14. But I like it to rain when I'm driving too provided it's not too heavy and there's no traffic jam, cos I hate traffic jam!

  15. @foong,
    But there's always massive jam after the rain, Foong! o.O

    Driving in a heavy rain is a scary experience, right? I rather stay in the office than brave the rain.


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