Early Year-End Office Parties

Year-end office parties started early this year at my office considering many will be away towards the last weeks of this month. Plenty of invitations and some organised by me, making me run around like a headless chicken these past few days. Not to mention running around to find gifts for exchange gifts at parties too.
What year-end cum xmas party would be complete without a turkey? I even managed to "bully" the hotel's FC (we got the turkey from Cititel Hotel, BTW) to carve the turkey for us. LOL
I did minimal decoration for the office party, emphasisng more on food. That's more important, right? XD And I sure was glad the food I ordered were all cleaned-up by my department's people.

I opted for all things western this time, and I realized that it is not easy to get affordable catering for such a menu! Most of my caterer friends don't do all out western menu. Well, not the type of food that I wanted anyway. What did we had for the party apart from the turkey? Nothing much:
Some BBQ beef ribs ordered from Tony Roma's
This delicious chicken pie from a friend
Pizza and chicken wings from Domino's Pizza
Not healthy without some vege, so some fruits too. For hygiene and convenience purpose, we had it put in individual tubs. I'm too lazy to think how to arrange those fruits, anyway.
And the finale was a birthday cake for December babies in my department.

Had your office parties yet? How was it?


  1. Wah, the food looks darn yummy, especially that chicken pie. I have a thing for chicken pies :D

    I just might organize one for my office once I'm back from my Christmas break :D

  2. @Nick,
    Are you on xmas break already? Or going to, soon?

    I like that chicken pie too. Most of those who ate it also rave about it. It was yummy!

    Have fun with your office party! Post up the photos too. As I recall, you promised to post up photos of your office once you finished decorating it, right? ;)

  3. I've already attended 3 office parties, two for clubs and one for my division. Our department party is tomorrow then a few more. Hard to control the eating despite my best efforts :)

  4. @jellybelly,
    Wow! Your tummy sure is working overtime this month! ;)

  5. The beef ribs look yummy! Are there no Hindu folks at the party? Just wondering..

  6. @HappySurfer,
    No Hindus, but there are a few Buddhists that doesn't eat beef, hence the option of chicken wings, turkey, pies...
    The pizza with beef are also notified to those who don't take them.

  7. wow, i see a lot of food, and especially one whole stretch of pizza!! hahaha.. we are going to have our xmas dinner tomorrow after work~~

  8. @SK,
    those pizza were gone in record time! :D

    Wah, so nice got dinner. Enjoy! :)

  9. wow beef ribs from tony roma's for office potluck!

  10. @Ayie,
    It wasn't potluck because everything is paid for by the companyI just did the ordering and those food were all sent to the office. We just didn't want to have it in a restaurant. :D

  11. Wow those food were delicious! Will definitely use these tips when we have our ofice party this year! I got excited in planning this party and want to make sure that everything will fall into place and everyone will enjoy.

  12. @Jasper,
    That's good to hear. :)


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