Thursday, 10 July 2014

Twelfth Day Of Ramadhan : So Far So Good

Credit : Islamic Online University
Insya Allah... God willing. ^^

We're almost two weeks into the month of Ramadhan. 

For me, I'm finding joy in fitting some training runs during the day instead of night runs because I got to go off from work 45 minutes early during this fasting month.

Because of the extra 45 minutes, I got to squeeze a few runs on the days Hubby works late. Which means, I have about 2 hours or so to train on those days. Oh joy! 1 hour would be spent "commuting" to the park which leaves me the balance to actually run. In normal days, that would mean a very limited time frame to run as I do have to make it back home before it gets dark i.e before 7.30pm.

I am lucky that my father-in-law lives nearby the place I work and Son stays with him when we're at work. At 5pm, I'd just walk to FIL's house, check on Son, lepak for a few minutes to ensure Son does his homework and revision and then off I went to Lake Garden.

Oh yeah, I am lucky too that Lake Garden is relatively near to where I work. Just 3K away and I can just walk to get there and that's exactly what I did! 

Weekends would see me doing a night run on Friday, at home. For Saturday and Sunday, I'll be  running before breaking fast. I kinda like doing this actually. Test my endurance somewhat. ;-)

The summary of training for the past 11 days. No, I don't run everyday. Crazy, ah want to run everyday? LOL

Last week's runs were :

This week's run. Will slot in a 16K run on Saturday, running with friends and hopefully, venture out to the hill trail right next to our apartment on Sunday and do a few sets there. ^^

An interval session on Wednesday and a tempo session on Thursday. That with the 3K walk to/from FIL's house to the park.

I try not walk to Lake Garden on the same days each week for safety reason. So maybe next week, I'll do them on different days? We'll see.

And for safety reason too, I carry a pepper spray while I go out for a run.

If you ask me whether I'm thirsty while running and fasting - of course I am! But that hasn't stopped me yet.

Running during fasting isn't impossible. At Lake Garden, I saw quite a number of fellow Muslim runners too. I know running friends who do it regularly.

And for your info, I can down a 1.5ltr isotonic drink easy after a two-hour workout. I actually drink about 2 ltr of water after breaking of fast and for sahur, a little bit less; about 500ml or 750ml.

Looking forward to the next two weeks!


  1. Glad to know that everything is fine so far!

  2. great that you are still running and can slot in time to run during this fasting month..

    BTW walking all the way from your work place to your FIL's is already a good exercise!! hihihihi ^^

  3. yeah.. your own safety is the most important thing you would want to consider..

    so clever that you try not walk to Lake Garden on the same days and carry with you a pepper spray..

    even if i walk from the LRT station back home, thought just a 2 minutes walk, i try not to take the same route, because i go home almost the same time everyday..

    1. Right?

      We might not know if someone marked us and waiting for an opportunity.

      Better be safe not sorry.

      But that doesn't mean we shouldn't venture out altogether.

  4. And soon it will be Hari Raya Puasa liao... hehe...

    1. Two more weeks though I'm quite sad that Ramadhan is ending soon!

  5. It's great that you can still do what you love while fasting. I salute you!

    1. As you said it... it's something I love. So no excuses not to do it. ;)

  6. Happy fasting and soon it's raya ! And continue your runs !

    1. Thanks.

      My runs? Of course I will.

  7. Puasa also have fact isee you more energictic when puasa leh

    1. Not more energetic but more time. Got extra time, can train extra lah...

      This is the only month I can happily go off sharp-sharp 5pm.



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