A Short Trip To Osaka

Hubby and I went to Osaka during the long weekend last week for a short, 4D3N trip as we managed to secure a couple of cheap tickets with Air Asia X.

Nothing special planned for the trip as we will be back again in Dec for a longer vacation.

But we managed to enjoy a few stuff that we wanted to do:
We bought a 2-day Nankai All Line Pass for our longer trips to Wakayama and used our Suica cards for short travels in Osaka for other days.
Got on a few interesting trains such as this Medetai (Sea Bream) Train that runs from Wakayamaashi to Kada.
 Did a few runs while we there, such as around the Osaka Castle Park.
Managed to hike too, which was nice.
Ate a lot of nice food.
And slept well, even at a budget hotel. 

Our flight tickets costs only around RM1,200 for two pax.
Hotel stays expenses was kept minimal with rooms at 2,400 - 5,000yen per night.
We brought 50,000yen cash for our expenses - food, train tickets, souvenirs and used only 40,000yen.
Budget, right?

More posts on the trip soon. 


  1. Love the color of the train. Pink!

    Glad both of you had a good time in Osaka although it was a very short holiday. Look forward to read more when you go for the longer holiday this year end.

    My hubby also thought going to Japan next year. Osaka in particular. See how things go.

    1. It was meant to be short and we just wanted to chill.

      Have been to Osaka a few times so there's no need to visit any touristy place now dy. Hihihi

  2. I always love to read all your Japan posts as I have so much to learn from you! You know that too.
    I wish to visit Shikoku Island next and would like to try these budget hotels sleeping on tatami mats. I've back problems if the mattress is too soft, so the floor looks so inviting.

    1. Hope you will travel to Shikoku soon!

      I love Shikoku.
      Going to Shikoku Mura and see all the buildings of the island showcased there is very educational.


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