Laksa Kedah And Cendol

Many shops and food outlets in our housing area had closed for the long Merdeka/Hari Raya Haji/SEA Games holiday so we were glad one of the stalls we frequent was still open on Thursday.
Warung Kak Pah Pokok Getah which is located across the street from Sony R&D Centre in Bandar Banru Bangi.

Quite cheap, right?
Cheap and generously portioned too. We get to scoop our own kuah so can put as little or as many as we want (that the plate able to hold lah).

So as expected, we get Monday off.

Some were happy, some weren't. Some still had to work regardless. 


  1. I like the names given to the food... hahaha.. I will go for the Puan Sri and Leftenen!

  2. I like how they name the dishes :) Very friendly prices!

    1. Catchy name.
      Generous portion.
      Great price.
      Memang winning combo. 😀

  3. Laksa Kedah. Look like rojak Indian to me. Nice??

  4. The laksa looks very different....... xoxo

  5. My wife is crazy for Laksa Kedah more than our usual Assam laksa. It is not easy to find this Laksa Kedah anywhere. She also tried chendol pulut for the first time in Kedah some 15 years ago when we visited there. She loved it and the seller boasted that pulut chendol is originated from Kedah. I dare not believe his claims.

    1. Time to make some study of the origin of pulut cendol! Hahaha


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