Run For National Unity 2017

Run For National Unity 2017 was held on Malaysia Day, Sep 16th 2017. Just like their first edition last year. The event was organised by HELP University and Redberry Group with the aim of promoting national unity and harmony and also to raise funds for deserving students to pursue their tertiary education.

All nett proceeds from the Run will be channeled to a scholarship fund for these students from all races.

The Run had 13 categories:

Men Open International (All Ages) – 10km
Women Open International (All Ages) – 10km
Men Open Malaysian (18 years – 39 years) – 10km
Women Open Malaysian (18 years – 39 years) – 10km
Men Open Veteran Malaysian (40 years and above) – 10km
Women Open Veteran Malaysian (40 years and above) – 10km
Primary School Boys (7 years – 12 years) – 5km
Primary School Girls (7 years – 12 years) – 5km
Secondary School Boys (13 years – 17 years – 7km
Secondary School Girls (13 years – 17 years) -7km
Family team – 5km
Corporate Team- 5km
Special/OKU- 5km

Instead of joining the family category run like we did last year, I ran alone this time; in the 10K category.
I haven't been running since Sep 4th (that's almost 2 weeks! *gasp*) so I wasn't looking for a fast run at this race. I was just looking forward to meeting friends at the race as I was unable to run in the NPE Highway Challenge the weekend before.

A friend had kindly helped by collecting my race kit and we met-up before the start of the race.
A friend who joined the run with her daughter. 
The route was the familiar Bukit Tunku route that most runners are familiar with. There were two water stations located along the route serving water (only) but I didn't stop at either WS for a drink. 

Marshalls and crews were at a minimum but there were ample signages and distance markers were placed at 1K apart. Traffic police were present at critical junctions so that was good. Otherwise, it was just a run with an LSD feel. 

And because this was a run with FTAA as technical team, we get ribbons at the starting line and also midway through the run for checkpoints. Very old school. Hahaha

But this was a nice run as I chit-chat with friends as we completed the run. Banyak gossip. LOL

There weren't that much post-run activities but Hubby and I stayed on for the lucky draw. Alas, we didn't have any luck this time.

A friend managed to bag one of the foldable bicycle which was the grand prize. So nice!

Got some famous Malay actors who came to the event, brought by Astro Prima to promote their drama or something but since I don't have Astro or watch TV dramas, dunno who they are also lah. But plenty of makciks were excitedly taking photos with the male actor.

All in all, it was a simple, no frills run for me. I was glad I joined it, just for the hills we got served along the route and the mileage. ^^

Afterwards, the family headed to Bangi Wonderland Theme Park to collect my race kit for Bangi Wonderland Nature Run held on Sunday, Sep 17th. Now, that was a really nice event and I enjoyed Bangi Wonderland Nature Run a lot!

Race recap coming up soon.

Some photos taken at Run For National Unity can be found at my Facebook page: Cik Arnab & En Kura-Kura.


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