Rakuzen Birthday Dinner

It was my birthday on Thursday and Hubby had wanted to take us out for a nice dinner in the evening. But Son too wanted to treat me for dinner, and insisted that he'd pay for it and even wanted to accompany me to a nearby sports store for my birthday present from him.
My Son, the little gentleman! *love*

We went to Rakuzen in Bangsar Village.

The price is quite affordable here so we won't be breaking Son's piggybank for the dinner. Hehehe

I had the spicy kaki (oyster) set. Nice, plump oysters in the spicy miso nabe.
 Hubby had the kaisen nabe set.
While Son had the sake oyakodon (salmon & salmon roe) set.

We later spent a bit of time at Border bookstore for some free reading *ops* before going to Baskin Robbins for an ice cream treat.


  1. It is so sweet of your son. He is very thoughtful to you, lina, you are blessed.

    lina, do you mind hopping over to my blog and give me your views?

  2. Your son is a gem! Flying kiss from auntie PH :) Belated Happy Birthday, by the way!


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