Birthday Dim Sum

It was Hubby's birthday on Saturday and we celebrated by spending two nights at Bangi-Putrajaya Hotel. The hotel is one of our favourite, a nearby place that is good to go to whenever we need some R&R and pampering.
And we enjoyed a birthday lunch at their Chinese restaurant, Restoran Harmoni. Just like for Mommy's birthday, Son wanted to treat his dad for lunch.

Restoran Harmoni had weekend buffet brunch and lunch but we decided to order the ala carte menu instead. 

Most dishes cost RM10 per basket so it's not that steep.
The radish cake with egg that was recommended by the staff.

It was sure nice!
Fried seaweed roll.
The cili jeruk is sedap! Pity we can't eat them all. So sayang. I was tempted to pack the leftovers balik. Hahaha
Porridge for hubby.
Chicken & Seafood stuffed may in Thai style.
Chicken soup dumpling.
BBQ chicken bao.
Crystal shrimp dumplings. We had two of these.
Beancurd skin rolls with oyster sauce.

It was a nice lunch, and super nice because even though it was Hubby's birthday, he suggested that we go and eat dim sum because I had wanted to eat them for ages!

And later, I made him wait for me to finish  my half marathon in Cyberjaya at night. Terrible betul, right?


  1. How sweet! Your boy must have saved up his pocket money to treat mummy and daddy on their birthday. The dim sum looks delicious and I also love pickled green chilies :)

  2. Belated Happy Birthday to your hubby... Crystal shrimp dumpling, I like...

  3. Nice birthday treat in a Chinese restaurant. Happy belated birthday to your hubby.

  4. Happy Birthday Pak Kura! He looks younger & younger every year. What brand is the face cream he used?

    The boy is so thoughtful & matured to belanja mummy and now daddy. Good son yeah.

  5. Nice food, Lina! My hubby's birthday's just around the corner too :)

  6. lama tak baca blog nihh. Your son has grown! Masya allah :D

  7. Happy birthday to your hubby! :) Looks like you have a bit of a feast! Wish my local yum cha had as much variety as this...


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