Tatami Room For A Night At Hotel Sunplaza, Shin-Imamiya

For our first night in Osaka, we decided to stay at a budget hotel, Hotel Sunplaza and chose a tatami room before checking-in to a better hotel the next day.

Located just steps away from Shin-Imamiya Station, it is quite a convenient choice for us - with konbini (convenience store) and supa (supermarkets) nearby.
The entrance to Shin-Imamiya Station is literally just behind the hotel's rate signboard. That's how near it is to the station!

Do note though, the area felt kinda seedy and truthfully, when I did my morning run around the area (which included running around Shinsekai), it didn't really feel quite comfortable. Safe, yes. I guess. But errmmm... Shinsekai still has drunk people around at 5.00am lah. Hahaha
After completing our check-ins at Hotel Sunplaza, we were provided with these items for our use. A hand towel, face mask, toothbrush and a packet of tissue.
Our room for a night. Quite comfy despite only 3-tatami sized room.

It comes equipped with a flat-screen TV, a mini fridge, two sets of futon and a table.What more do we need?

No towels provided but we made do with the hand towel that were provided to us earlier.

Crazy ah, wanna bring our own towel all the way from KL?
Showers, toilets and baths are communal, with female only showers available on the ground floor (keys for showers can be obtained from the reception desk but with limited hours, as shown on the photo above) and also on the ladies floor on 6th floor. Shower facilities and toilets at other floors are unisex and are open 24-hours.
Common baths are also available - female at the ground floor (alas, no view).

The female bath area is small but then again, when I went there for a soak, I was the only guest enjoying it so I had the place all for myself.
The changing room before I enter the bath.
Photo nicked from Booking.com
Male guests have a nicer bathing option that comes with a view. Hubby soaked while looking at Tsutenkaku.

Male bath is bigger and there are of course more male guests going for a soak at all hours.
At around 2,400 yen per night for two pax, we enjoyed a cheap stay at a decent hotel with privacy. We had expected the place to be rather noisy but guests were mindful of each other and it was relatively quiet and we really had a good sleep there.
I woke up the early the next day and decided to go out for a short run around the area and run towards Tsutenkaku before going out at 7.00am for our train ride to Koyasan.


  1. Tatami room is a must when in Japan. Feel and stay like the local.

    1. Errr... Not necessary for me. LOL
      Unless stay in a ryokan, then I feel it is a must la.
      Otherwise, bed is nice also. wakaka

  2. Oh I guess I remember this hotel in Osaka as the stupid me stood outside trying to look for my hotel which was actually like 1km away instead.

    I always felt shy to use the tub if the size is too small. The last one was in Chitose which was our best hotel stay in Hokkaido yet the tub was so damn small. It was suitable for 4 males but there were almost 10 jostling with me. Wakakakaka


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