Bangi Wonderland Nature Run - A Mix Of Road And Trail Run

Bangi Wonderland Theme Park & Resort is the region’s newest water theme park and resort located in Bangi, Selangor and in conjunction with its 1-year anniversary, a running event was be held on 17 September 2017, with the Start and Finish line located at Bangi Wonderland Theme Park. It was also the first nature run held inside the UKM nature forest reserve for 10km (20% flat road & 80% off road inside UKM forest reserve) / 3km Fun Run.
There was a bit of drama in me joining the race as I actually forgot to register for it but it was all sorted out, thanks to the kind organiser. Thank you!

Hubby and I made our way to Bangi Wonderland Theme Park at around 6.00am and we arrived 30 minutes later. RELA members were hard at work helping out with parking and that went smoothly.

We had joined P.S.P King of Forest in July, which was also organised by the same organiser; CentriSoh Sales & Marketing and that was a great event so I was really looking forward for this run too.

There was a bit of issues with cones placing and marshalls so the 7.00am flag-off for 10K was delayed to 7.15am. The 3K Fun Run was later flagged-off at 7.30am.
The 10K route saw us running at the road section for 1K before we enter the UKM Forest Reserve (which was actually a plantation) for the off-road section for about 8K before exiting and back to the road section for the final 1K.
The trail was very runnable and despite the organiser's update on Facebook about the possibility of slippery route, due to rain on Saturday morning; it was dry when we ran there on Sunday morning.

The route was undulating but nothing that made one suffer that much. Just like Saturday's 10K run at Run For National Unity, I decided to take it easy.

I alternated running with walking on uphills and also taking photos.
Medic team with race marshall.

Marshalls were placed at junctions to ensure runners run through the correct path and there were tapes to close off areas that we were not supposed to enter.
Go this way, please. :P

To ensure that we're not creating unnecessary garbage, the organiser had adopted a bring-your-own-bottle concept for this race, just like at P.S.P King of Forest.

One water station was placed at around KM5 mark but I didn't stop to drink. I brought a bottle of mineral water but I didn't feel I needed a drink. Same thing when I ran in the Run For National Unity the day before too.

Just like the Run For National Unity, my "engine" only got properly warmed up after around 6K so I picked up speed after that. Managed to "pangkah" a few runners during the last 3K too. Hehehe

I only set a target of a slow 1:40 for this run but I was happy that I managed to finish faster.
Then it was time to look for post-run refreshments. Nasi lemak, watermelons and 100-Plus. Mighty White gave out a whole lot of free samples so we enjoyed that too. I even got free samples of Laurier sanitary pad! Syiok. Hahaha
Hubby mentioned that a company, Mr D.I.Y to be exact send a bus loads of runners from their company to join the run. How cool was that!
Overall, I really enjoyed the run. It went smoothly. The trail section was nice and it was sure great to enjoy fresh air and nature.

Thank you to the organiser, crew and volunteers for a really great morning outing.

And also, thanks for the complimentary Bangi Wonderland Theme Park ticket which the first 800 participants who registered get with their race entries.

Later can go and play water at the theme park lah!

Photos taken at Bangi Wonderland Nature Run 2017 can be seen at my Facebook page: Cik Arnab & En Kura-Kura. Please feel free to tag your friends. :)


  1. Would love to visit Selangor some day too! xoxo

  2. I have been driving to Bangi few times recently to check on a developer client's project. I am very surprised there is a wonderland theme park there.

  3. Haven't been to Bangi for ages! I used to think of it as such an isolated place when I was at UKM.


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