On A Train Trip On A Fish Train

We flew to Osaka on Friday night from KL and on Saturday, we went on a train trip to Kada, in Wakayama Prefecture.

We bought a two-day Nankai All Line Pass (2,100yen) and used it to travel to Kada for the first day's usage. From Namba Station, it took 65 minutes by express train to travel to Wakayamashi station before we transfer to Nankai Kada Line.

It's this Nankai Kada Line that has a particular fish themed train that we wanted to see and ride.
It's called the Medeitai (sea bream) train and both the exterior and interior of the train is decorated with sea bream motifs.
There is also a blue train, and I think it'll be in used for autumn. I think la...

The trip from Wakayamashi Station to Kada Station was about 25 minutes.
The Nankai Kada Station.
With two train station staff greeting the passengers alighting from the train.
A photo to commemorate the date of our arrival is a must, of course. Hahaha
There are regular normal train service between Wakayamashi Station and Kada Station but the Medeitai Train only runs at certain intervals. The schedule above is the time of the train from Kada Station back to Wakayamashi.

We didn't really spent a long time around Kada as much to our chagrin, everything around the area seems to be closed that day! Coffee shops. Tourism office. The lot. Hahahadoi.
But there's a huge map of the area beside the small hut that serves at the tourism office and there were also hand-drawn maps that we could take there.
Hubby wasn't feeling well so I let him rest for a bit, and I strolled around the area to look for coffee shops/shops/tea shops where we could rest.

I stumbled across Ebisuyaso which if I'm not mistaken has some really intricate carvings on the shrines' roof.

It was unmanned but there were charms and souvenirs that one could buy at the entrance and pay at a box.
I then ventured further and arrived to the seaside.

Fishing boats are docked here and available for rental.

There were a number of attractions around Kada but they weren't exactly near to the station and with Hubby not feeling well, we decided to cut short of trip and return to Osaka.

At least we got to ride the Medeitai Train which was really the aim for the day. Hahah


  1. Syioknya! Love the pink color train :)

  2. A fish themed train? Interesting. I really love the pink train. Haha. So girly. Lol.

    1. Because the area is known for fishing and for sea bream, hence the theme of the train.

  3. That's such a pretty train, dear! xoxo

  4. Nice and interesting! Good to venture out on your own instead of depending on tours, can go sight seeing at your own pace and time.

    1. Ya, we always go on our own instead of tour groups.

  5. I like the colour of the train, sweet colour...

  6. Just hearing the word Wakayama Prefecture is enough to excite and wake me up on a sleepy day! I cannot wait to ride this Nankai line to the Koyasan again as we planned to sleep by the huge cemetery! The train is so cute and nice.

    I just learnt your new Nihon word Hahahadoi!!!!

    1. Have fun in Koyasan!
      So you're gping to Okunoin soon? Doing temple lodging or not?

    2. I think Koyasan would be slightly later but definitely temple lodging and have fun with the monks. Kikikiki
      My next top priority is Shikoku Island and Kanazawa.

    3. Hope you'll visit the island soon!


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