A Bike To Bring Back Home

We went for a full day of shopping trip in Karuizawa, Japan. Got ourselves the usual suspect of shopping items : clothes, shoes, handbags. Like last time, we went wild in the Nike outlet store. I even got myself a new gym bag there for a mere 2,415yen.

Bought Zaini a Yomiuri Giants t-shirt as a birthday gift. He got me a present on my birthday too, but my birthday present is unsuitable to mention on this blog (or any PG rated blog. LOL)

What wasn't on our shopping list but we took back at the end of the shopping day was a black Hummer folding bike. Zaini always wanted to buy one but they were sooooo expensive in Malaysia. It'll take too long to have the bike sent over to our hotel (they can only send the bike in October) so we got it packed into the bike's bag and off we go, taking the shinkansen back to Tokyo.

The next time this bike will travel in a bag will of course be when we return to Malaysia on Sep 28. We'll see whether we'll exceed our baggage allowance then. ;-)


  1. cool looking bike!

    From me to you, suejean =)

  2. that's a very nice bike, i'd love to own too actually. That must be one of the good buys you can really make sure to get in japan.

    ummm...so what's the gift!? ahahahaah

  3. Wow! Bought a bike? I think after all your shopping indulgences, sure to exceed baggage allowance. Haha!

  4. @wenn,

    It was a cool bike. :)

  5. @foong,
    It wasn't on our shopping list but after seeing it in a shop, Zaini was drooling over it.. So, what the heck. Just buy lah... procrastinate then regret pulak. :D

  6. @Ayie,
    Zaini always wanted a Hummer. Since he can't buy the vehicle (not available in Malaysia) the next best thing was to buy a Hummer brand bicycle. :D

    Anyway, he's been wanting a folding bicycle for some time already.

  7. so he likes hummer too? that's the dream car for my hubby! How I wish I can buy that for him...in time! I hope!

  8. @Ayie,
    For me, I can only afford a miniature Hummer for hubby! :P


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