Buka Puasa (Breaking Fast) At Boulevard Hotel

On Friday last week, we had the good fortune of having our buka puasa (breaking fast) at the Wild Rice Restaurant, Boulevard Hotel courtesy of a friend. This friend of mine never fails to invite me and my family for buka puasa each year. Such a nice friend kan? Usually it was just Zaini, Raimie and maybe one or two of Zaini's siblings coming along for buka puasa but this year, she generously extended the invitation for 7 of us.

So, apart from the three of us, we had my Father-in-law, Zaini's younger sis, his youngest brother and girlfriend coming along.

We were there quite late arriving a few minutes after 7.00pm, as Zaini and I decided to do a bit of shopping for Raimie at the nearby Jusco. But not late enough not to be in time for buka puasa!

The grill section next to the swimming pool, people heading to their respective tables and queuing at the buffet counter and our table. The ambiance here at Wild Restaurant was nice and not so havoc compared to our Ramadhan buffets at other hotels around town. And we like it that way.

All serious waiting for buka puasa (break fast).

What Zaini had.

What Raimie had for dinner. He shared the spinach lasagna and spaghetti with me afterwards. He ate quite a lot of prawns that night.

What I had: Oxtail soup, mango salad and stuffed tofu apart from a bit of rice with prawns and veges with some delicious sweet & sour fish.

What the others had: grilled meat, lambs, fish, squids, chicken, lemang and tomyam soups not to mention plenty of cakes and fruits too.

All smiles after tucking into delicious food.

We ended our buka puasa with some ice cream (Raimie had two bowls), bread and butter pudding and a must for me and Zaini, some jeruk (pickled fruit). I had some crackers (keropok) too. Yumm...

And Raimie and his uncle then went lounging by the pool, enjoying the night's view. The pool was closed at night, by the way.

We didn't eat for too long there and head home at 8.30pm. Arriving home, Raimie queried on why I didn't pay for our meal there! He is so used to see me signing the credit card slips and he felt amiss when I didn't sign anything after our buka puasa. He is so observant!

I have another buka puasa invitation today at Cititel Hotel but sadly, I had to pass on that because we'll be too rush to eat and head to the airport for our flight to Japan. And to think that I did a major kiss-up to get the invitation for 7 pax! LOL. Oh well, the others can go without us.


  1. who wouldn't smile after the sumptuous meals? How I wish I can have a taste too!

    have a safe flight with your family Lina!

  2. @wenn,
    Yeah, delicious... :-)

    good info

  3. @Ayie,
    hahaha true!

    Thanks Ayie. We'll be leaving for Japan tonight!

  4. Wuarrggh! all the nice food! I want! Next time buka puasa ajak lah kita! hahah. :P


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