Time To Send Some Hari Raya Cards

It's going to be Hari Raya (Eid Ul Fitri) in two weeks' time. We got busy with sending some greeting cards to friends and family this year. Just something that I thought be nice for Raimie to get in the "Raya" mood especially since we will not be spending the holiday here at home surrounded by family members this year. No baking cookies (not that I do that anyway), sprucing up the house and decorating the house for "Raya" this year.

We'll be vacationing in Japan instead! I've received a lot of flak from friends with my decision of not spending the festivities at home. Oh well, maybe they are right but then again, I've always celebrate it not with my immediate family but always with either my grandparents or my aunt's when I was growing up.

Hopefully, we get to "Raya" in Tokyo too. Anyone inviting us for an "open house" ;)


  1. Ummm...Lina what do you do when you celebrate Raya? Do you have anything that can be compared to catholic tradition? sorry just curious..

  2. Selamat Hari Raya! In advance at least...

    I won't be around this raya... not even sure if I would be free to post any entries then! Hope I don't miss any good stuffs... bring us back souveniers! :P

  3. wah best nye... hope one day dapatlah aku kesana....

    tanpa segan silu : Lina nak FM boleh???

  4. Hahha... i dah lama tak kirim kad hari raya

  5. @Ayie,
    Well, the morning of Eid (or what we call as Raya here in Malaysia), menfolk will go to the mosque for a prayer while the rest will be busy at home preparing for the special Raya feast. For us, the first day of Raya will be spend with families. The 2nd day onwards will be for visiting relatives and friends (and getting fat in the process). All those yummy food and Raya cookies. :D

  6. @ladyviral,
    wah, you're going for a Raya break too? :)

    mesti boleh punya, one day... :)

    FM tu apa?

  7. @Willie,
    can hantar one for me. :D

  8. really admire u, can go makan angin..

  9. @wenn,
    never mind, you get a long holiday also during raya. :)
    Going anywhere special for the break?

  10. How lovely to celebrate Raya in Japan!! It would be a different and unique experience. :)

  11. @ECL,
    definitely. Anyway, I'll be meeting a few Malaysian Muslims there so it won't be a totally non-Raya event for us.

    And I'm gonna wear my baju kurung riding the subway there too! :)

  12. You still send Raya cards? I abandon cards long ago! Only send greetings by email. Save $$$. Haha!

  13. But it's nice to receive Raya cards right? Somehow different form receiving a greeeting via email or sms.

  14. Lots of typo today! Must be sleepy! It's "from" not "form" and the word "greeting" has too many "e"s! LOL!

    I think it's good to spend Raya in Japan, can spend Raya every year in Malaysia, why not celebrate it differently this year?

  15. @foong,
    Yikes! You are still up at 1am?

    I'm still old fashion, I guess. I like receiving physical cards and sending them too. Not really eco friendly eh? :D

  16. ah ok, thanks! that's a little like town fiesta in a way. We go to church at least the patron church celebrating then some feast. Mostly done in provinces and other metropolitan places too but my family don't really make a feast...instead we hop to places to eat! hehe

    hmmm you like cards? I love sending cards too!

  17. @Ayie,
    I guess we celebrate much the same, eh? :)

    I do love sending and receiving cards. They can be kept for memories unlike SMS greetings.

  18. the better give me your addy so i can send you one too =P


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