A Quiet Dinner, Welcome Drinks, Sahur And A Feast Of Mooncakes

all during our Wedding Anniversary weekend break at Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya.

We decided against having dinner at one of the Hotel's restaurants and opted for room service. A good call, because the restaurants were packed with people. It was quite interesting to see three different crowds coming in for dinner that day. The Malay patrons for breaking fast at Cafe La Vista, then there was an Indian Christian wedding and the Chinese patrons going for buffett at Kampachi restaurant.

The lobby was a hive of activity, with patrons waiting to kill off time before entering the restaurant.

I came down to the lobby that evening after making a call for room service; while Zaini was monitoring Raimie taking his bath; because of this: A box of mooncakes.

I had earlier made an inquiry to the Hotel about getting a box of mooncakes for Zaini as he loves mooncakes but was informed that Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya doesn't carry the mooncakes that I wanted. Specifically mini green tea mooncakes. Imagine my surprise when at around 6.50pm, a Hotel staff came knocking at our room and presented us with a box of these lovely mooncakes.

So, I just had to go down and thank the General Manager personally for them. He got the mooncakes from a sister hotel in Kuala Lumpur. I was almost speechless by that gesture. (almost, but that didn't stop me from yakking away afterwards. Hard to keep my mouth shut once I start. LOL) I had a nice chat with him before going up to our room to get ready to break fast.

Again, thank you for all the kind gestures you've given to us. They are all greatly appreciated.

I got to our room just in time for the food to arrive. I tell you, this was the first time we had to get out our own food and set up the table ourselves after the cart was pushed into our room.
Can't blame the guy though. He was rushing to break fast too. What we had for dinner :
Specifically :
Beef tomato for starter
Oriental chicken for me
Salmon crust for Zaini
and a humongous BBQ burger for Raimie

not to mention the fruits from the fruit basket. We were stuffed!

And later that evening, we headed down to Tee Off Lounge to enjoy our complimentary welcome drinks, Citarasa. Had to wait until it was quite late to have our drinks because even at 9.00pm, the place was still teeming with patrons having a walk around the hotel after their dinner. Screaming kids included.
The next day, we got up early at 4.00 am to have our sahur at Cafe La Vista. Sahur (pre-dawn meal) is available for Muslim guests during the Ramadhan month from 3.30am to 5.30am. There were just a couple of staff around but we were quickly ushered to a table and I got my coffee in no time at all. Efficient service despite the early hours.
The choice of food that early in the morning was quite limited but ample enough. The omelette station was open but we passed on that.
Zaini's choice of sahur. There were rice (plain and briyani) and four types of 'Lauk' - squid sambal, beef rendang, fried chicken and tenggiri masak lemak available that morning. We joked that this may be last night's leftovers. No offense!
I had a simple congee. Actually, I would love to eat some croissant, but only this was available at the bread section. There were cakes available, but I don't really fancy eating cakes that early in the morning!The staff, who had ushered us to our table was worried about me not eating during the sahur because all I seemed to be having was coffee and glasses and glasses of fruit juice. Shows that he was quite attentive despite being busy with other guests.

Zaini and I didn't sleep after sahur. Instead, we sat at the balcony watching the dark sky filled with flashes of lightning. I tried to take photos, but didn't manage to get any good photo of the lightning.


  1. that's service deluxe! it's a very very nice wedding anniv pressie (their gesture) for your stay. nice yummy foods you had!

  2. @Ayie,
    Yeay for Ayie being FC! :)

    It was indeed a nice gesture from them. We were happy. :) I think we've found a new to-go-to Hotel for our short break now!

  3. Hello Lina, the hotel sure has its special service, the kind that will make you return again one day.
    Love the dishes, I bet there were some loud burpings too, ha ha.
    Have a pleasant week and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  4. Thinking of doing the same thing by staying at a hotel this puasa. No celebration (did ours on 8.8.09 oledi) but just for the fun of it...

  5. how do you find the mooncakes?

  6. Hmmm best jugak bukak puasa dlm bilik yer. Must try, must try ;)

  7. @Uncle Lee,
    Have to be on bst behaviour as it was a special night. No burpings! LOL

    You have a great week too. :)

    That's a nice date. Anniversary ke berapa?
    Spending the night in a nice hotel is always nice, kan? Never mind the occasion. ;)

  8. @wenn,
    the mooncakes are nice. We've only eaten two so far. It's not too oily and not too sweet. Yumm!

    Best wooo. Hihihi
    You know lah, berbuka kat luar punyalah ramai manusia... havoc sangat. Berbuka pukul 7.20pm, pukul 6.30 dah panjang line kat buffett area.

  9. Wow! That is what I call good service! I'm going to stay at this hotel if I go up and I'll give your name. hehe......

  10. You are an honoured guest so mentioning your name can get me discount and better service. :P

  11. Congrats for being my FC! Long time no chop ah. :P

  12. It's fun being a mystery shopper hor. I should get you for one of our Singapore hotels. ;)

  13. Hmm... the menu for break fasting looks yummy :P
    I am also on fasting Lina :) but I only break with cereals with milk and honey everyday.

  14. Wow! Unbelievable that they went all out to get the green tea mooncakes for you! I love mooncakes too! Now that you mention it, feel like eating some mooncakes. Haha!

    I'm pretty sure you'll come back and stay in this hotel again in future, right? : )

  15. wow, so nicelah your anniversary. glad you had a blast and what a scrumptious delight you had. i'm so hungry looking at those food now.

    i haven't tasted the green tea flavoured mooncake before and i wonder what's the taste like.

  16. the food looks yummy..
    but the pics are kinda small tho.. =P


  17. @ECL,
    hahaha... don't know whether my name really carry that much weight. :D But then, I really feel honored during our stay.

    Wah, if can be mystery shopper in S'pore, got excuse to go there at meet you. :)

  18. @VanillaSeven,
    Wow! Just cereal for breaking fast? Is it due to dietary restriction?

    I always wait for people to sent me some, but so far, nothing yet. :( No free mooncakes from companies. Aiseh.

    Got buy some mooncakes already or not? :)

    Definitely this hotel a keeper.

  19. @Life Ramblings,
    Green tea mooncakes are nice, esp if you like green tea. Definitely a must try. :)

    don't want you guys to drool over the food, so that's why it's small. LOL

  20. i actually dun wanna "masuk bakul angkat sendiri"; but to tell you the truth, all the guest that dealed with me, lurve me sooooo much! just imagine, if not how come they mailed me expensive gifts from their place whenever they reached home (overseas of course). and the gifts were not just from men but ladies too okay?

    owh... you dunno of how i missed the hospitality industry sooooo damn much! =)

    btw happy anniversary to both of you!

  21. @ku E,
    hahaha, I bet you know how to take care of your guests. Rugi lah tak kenal you masa you were in the Industry. I'll sure make repeat visits to your hotel. :)

    I tak bagi souvenir from overseas (since I bukanlah kaya nak pegi sana kan) tapi buah rambutan from dusun kat kg tu adalah hantar kat butlers2 yg I kenal dulu. :D

  22. What a great blog on your meal, and you even got a fruit basket.

  23. @fruit basket review,
    Yours are cool too. :)


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