Turtle Is Sick

Raimie's pet turtle, Turtle (yeah, we are being completely unimaginative with the name) is sick. See his puffy and swollen eyes. He also ate just a little and just spend time being completely still on his rock. Despite Turtle being Zaini and Raimie's pet (I was somewhat not too keen about having a pet turtle when they got him), it was me who feed Turtle and worry over him. Heck! I even spent time sitting in front of the tank and talking to Turtle!

I tried looking up some info about Turtle's ailment as I do want him to get well soon. Him being sick now cannot come at a worse time because we'll be leaving him for a fortnight. Okay, he's used to be left behind when we are vacationing (which includes two trips to Japan) but he has his automatic feeder on so he won't be hungry. But now that he is sick...

Maybe I should take him to a vet, but I don't see any vet at all around my place. So, the best bet it to look for some medicine and supplements at the pet shop. Oh, I hope he gets well.


  1. oh too much to worry about for your trip...it's heartbreaking to leave a sick pet behind! Maybe you can leave him to grand dad to temporarily take care of him? I hope all goes well before you leave.

  2. hope he will get well soon..

  3. @Ayie & Wenn,
    I hope so too. :(

  4. The turtle probably knows you are all going on a trip... I think it is best to leave it under a professional care now or a family... so it would get use to the environment instead of last minute. Get well soon little turtle :D.

  5. Maybe you could use those green coloured medicine for fish for your turtle. It might helps.

  6. poor thing, sorry about Raimie's turtle. As with any pet, they do occasionally get sick too and you'll be leaving him for two weeks? perhaps, you can approach your FIL to nurse your sick pet while you're away. speedy recovery turtle.

  7. @ladviral, superman & Life Ramblings,
    Glad to say that he is looking much better and eating better too today. We'll definitely go find a better environment & care for him while we are away. :-)

    Thanks for the wish for him. :-)


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