Time To Do Some Cleaning

What's your plan for the weekend? Going anywhere? Seeing or meeting anyone? Shopping maybe?

For us, we'll be busy doing a thorough cleaning of the house. I have to admit, the only time I do any really thorough cleaning and making sure everything and everywhere is dust & stain free is before the Hari Raya.

This year is no different despite the fact that we will not be at home during the 1st day of Raya (Sep 20).

Have to work hard on Saturday and Sunday so that the house will be spick and span. And I guess others will be busy with their chores too. After all, Hari Raya will be in just 9 days' time.

For those celebrating, done your Hari Raya preparation yet? :)


  1. done with the cleaning so most likely car stuffs. We need to give our car a good bath and fix some loose things there =)

    happy weekend! don't stress out too much!

  2. @Ayie,
    Can't avoid stressing. I've got only the weekends to do anything. :D Especially as we'll be leaving for Japan in just 3 days' time!

  3. For the Chinese, we have Spring-cleaning which is a thorough cleaning before Chinese New Year! :P

    Hard work eh? :P

  4. @ECL,
    sure hard work. I'm sweating buckets loads. :D

  5. @wenn,
    Thanks. :D Only did halfway today (kitchen). More cleaning tomorrow.

  6. i do spring cleaning from time to time. as always, i like my surroundings to be always clean as well as pleasing to the eye.

  7. @Life Ramblings,
    I guess I should be like you and clean every so often, but kinda hard when we're only at home during the weekends. I wanna laze around! Hahaha Excuses, excuses. :D

    Enjoy your weekend too. :)

  8. Last weekend I had to work. This weekend I plan to do absolutely nothing. Just surf the net, nod and nibble...lol

  9. @Roschelle,
    That's a good plan. I wish I can do the same too. :D

  10. I am ignorant of this occasion in your country but it must be very important if you are doing all this cleaning. Is this for the occasion or due to the guests that are coming to stay? Just curious! Don't work too hard. Not sure what we will be doing this weekend. Looks like it might be a rainy one for us.

    Friends 4 Life!


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