Last Day In Tokyo

All good things must come to an end some day, and we are ending our vacation today. We will take the 9.00am Narita Express train from Tokyo Station to Narita Airport soon. We enjoyed our vacation immensely, got to do the things we set out to do and more, but there are some that we didn't manage to do too. Not to worry, that'll be an excuse for a return visit in the future!

But you know what I'm going to miss most? The high internet speed that I got here in Japan!

Going back to work tomorrow. Ugh! I need a vacation after this vacation to recuperate! LOL


  1. Uwarrggh... tell me about it... I was away for a week too! This morning, I feel so tired! Later still need to go remove nail varnish from fingernails and toenails... Tired @_@

  2. I'm sure you do! We all want a vacation after our vacations! : )

  3. haha vacation after a vacation? have a safe trip! I believe you're home now, better ctach up on much needed rest!

  4. with all the stress we've been through for the month i think we'll need to have some vacation too. How I wish we can.... at least a quiet escape for a few days.

  5. @Willie,
    Photos and trip reports will be at

  6. @wenn,
    home sweet home indeed. :)

    Hope you recovered oredi! :D Yeah, I feel I need a week off to recuperate after this holiday! LOL

  7. @foong,
    Wouldn't it be nice if we get to go that, eh?

  8. @Ayie,
    Hope all is settled back home and sorry to hear about the news. Try not stress yourself too much, OK?

    Take care!

  9. Hi lina, don't worry we're ok and I'm really handling it well. Thanks! Blogging also helped me vent out by just writing and writing =)

  10. @Ayie,
    Glad to hear that. Take care!

  11. i'm so itching to go on a holiday. so nice of you, Mei, Marzie, LV and Foong to go on perfect getaway. and here i am, stranded in misery. poor me. :(

    your sidebar is missing. can't drop EC today. blame it all on the stupid Streamyx. i had a hard time to blog hop these days too.

  12. @Life Ramblings,
    Any plans for a year-end getaway. ;)

    Ha! I came back totally furious with my maxis broadband connection too! Ugh! Cannot even load facebook. So sloooooow!


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