No Raya Shopping Trip This Year!

We made plans to hit Masjid India, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman (Jalan TAR) and Wisma Yakin for our Hari Raya shopping last week. We usually go there to look for traditional baju kurung for me and baju melayu for Zaini and Raimie.

But then, I decided we might just make do with last year's baju raya. After all, they rarely get worn anyway and still in relatively new condition. (I'm being frugal, no?) And this will be the first time we're not going there for our raya shopping. Gonna miss jostling in the crowd and being grumpy after 3 hours walking around in the heat and not finding anything for me to buy! LOL

Yeah, it usually takes a few hours of our time looking for my baju kurung and not even half that time to find something nice for Zaini and Raimie.

Jalan Masjid India is a place where there are bazaars and shops selling Indian and Muslims items like clothing, sareees, accessories, flowers, wedding items, festive cookies, snacks and tid-bits and much much more. This is where we head to once a year for our Raya items. Here each year, the highlight is the Ramadhan Bazaar along Jalan TAR.

Wisma Yakin is the place for us to look for baju melayu and is a building tucked away in Masjid India area. If you are looking to get a Malay apparel, you can't be wrong going to Wisma Yakin any time of the year.

We braved the traffic jam and scarce parking (not to mention heat) each year without fail for our Raya shopping there. This year is an exception. Sure gonna miss the experience because for us, it's part of our Raya atmosphere. :D


  1. I think it's ok to be frugal this time since you'll be off to your trip ;P

  2. @Ayie,
    true. But the, I love the festive shopping too. ;)

  3. nice tradi costumes!

    ps you're invited to comment on my post too. =)

  4. I used to wonder why people like to buy new shirts on Raya. now I understand. It is not so much of the new shirts, it's the feelings of excitement to get new stuff and also to grab the chance to buy shirts at discounted price.

    Even i don't celebrate Raya, I joined the crowd to buy new shirts. Hahaha...

    Selamat Hari Raya to You.

  5. I can understand you wanting to be frugal, especially in our economic situation these days. I know you will miss the trip but hopefully things will be better next year and some of your belongings will need replacing by then. Thanks for the post!

    Friends 4 Life!

  6. I should get myself a baju kurong. I saw some beautiful ones at a Hari Raya Bazaar but got a sarong only. Going back tonight. :P

  7. Hi everyone,
    thanks for all your comments. :)

    We just got back from a trip on a steam locomotive. Oooph.. very tired. And tomorrow is Hari Raya.


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