Wonderful Indonesia - A Sight To Behold

Indonesia has always been intriguing for me.

I have to admit that I’ve been jealously reading about my friends’ escapades to this ASEAN neighbour country of ours that shares so many cultural similarities with us and yet can be so different at the same time. Be it trekking up the many rugged mountains (Rinjani anyone? Or Bromo?), running in the many races that are held in Indonesia yearly (Bali Marathon, I’ll join it one day! It has been in my bucket list for a few years now); both the trail and road races, enjoying local dishes or even shopping. Of course there must be shopping! I need retail therapy too! And experience the legendary Indonesian hospitality.
Oh, of course I’ll do plenty of sightseeing too. And also learn more about Indonesia’s culture and history.

I’ve been planning to visit Indonesia one day (gasp! I’ve never set foot to the country) and as usual for me; the first order of starting a trip plan is to look for information. Online, of course.
Videos and clips definitely help and here are some that caught my eyes, done by Indonesia Tourism. Of course, having celebrities in the video (both Indonesian and Malaysians) helps catch my interest too. It's great I found these clips that were just uploaded a few days ago! ^^

Jakarta, the special capital region of Indonesia.

She’s dynamic. Vibrant. Alive. Fun.

She’s the financial powerhouse. She means business.

Jakarta is modern. Sophisticated. Fashionable.

A melting-pot and a miniature version of Indonesia, one can say.

Come to Jakarta at least.

In short – Jakarta is Wonderful Indonesia.

What’s great in Bali?
Bali is the Land of Gods. She’s magical, to put it simply.

Everyone knows about Bali. Who doesn’t?

There’s the beaches, of course! The deep blue ocean. Sunshine! Kuta and Ubud comes to mind.

Sunken artefacts! What? Yes! Sunken artefacts. Just watch the clip if you don’t believe me.

Greenery! Waterfalls! Green rice terraces.

Serenity. Inner peace. Waking up to a mystical scenery.

Enchanting. Have you seen the Kechak dance?

How blissful to spend a few days in Bali.

Don’t worry party people, there’s the nightlife too. ^^

Bali is indeed Wonderful Indonesia.

Yogyakarta. A city that literally means the city that is fit to prosper.

The soul of Indonesia. The beating heart of Javanese culture.

Yogyakarta is called the Kota Pelajar (center of education). A city of centuries old traditions and culture. Of arts and traditions.

It’s called the Never ending Asia. This is where we can find the Borobudur and Prambanan temples. 

A place of ancient temples or candi. Be humbled with ancient civilisations.

A city of Kraton and royalty.

A city of adventure with volcanoes and mountains to offer. The city where I’ll be heading one day to visit Mount Bromo and Mount Rinjani.

Don’t forget the Komodo dragon too!

Yogyakarta is indeed Wonderful Indonesia too!

Come join me as we explore Indonesia. Visually first with these lovely videos by Tourism Indonesia and god willing, we’ll experience them ourselves one day, just like how Juliana Evans, Mawar Rashid and Tasha Shilla did. (I won’t look as good as them though. Hihihi)

For more Wonderful Indonesia materials, check out these hashtags at Instagram and Twitter : #indtravel, #maxmantv, #wonderfulindonesia, @indtravel and @maxman.tv 

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Of course don't forget to visit Indonesia Tourism website too!

Any airfares promotion now, I wonder? 


  1. I have been to Indonesia once..and that is only Medan back in the 1990s... yes, heard a lot of nice places and shopping plus nature in some places... intriguing.. maybe one day I will make a trip there..

    1. Medan was quite popular with us Malaysians in the 90s right? Especially Lake Toba because friends and relatives went there too. :)

  2. i have only been to Bali in 2004, it's a beautiful place..

    i hope i can go to other cities in Indonesia in the future..

    1. How nice that you already visited Bali.

      Any plans soon?

  3. I've visited Bali in 2011. Nice people and nice place to relax. Got plan to go Bali but not at the moment.

    I also wish to visit other cities in Indonesia like Yogyakarta, Medan and Jakarta.

  4. Yes....nice place to visit. Hv to get use to the constant honking. Lol

    1. part of the experience of travel, right? Hihihi

  5. I am planning to go to Bali soon!

  6. I hear that Bali is very beautiful. Go lah and then update us hee..hee..

  7. I love Bali because of the people, Kuta Beach and sight seeing havens.
    Yogyakarta is next over CNY. We are looking forward to see Borobudur!


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