How I Made Christmas At IOI City Mall

and where the magic of Christmas comes alive.

Rather rare for me to be somewhere indoors so much that I am blogging about it for the third time, eh? Well, variety is the spice of life and I don't want to bore you to death with just running posts! Hehehe
After spending an hour ice-skating at Icescapes Ice Rink (link to post here) and a hearty lunch at Tino's Pizza Cafe (review here), we made our way to dal.komm Coffee for a drink before proceeding with a tour of IOI City Mall.

 A sharing session with the group.
Over a cup of honey grapefruit drink for me. Oooophhh... I feel thin and light drinking this the drink! Hahaha
At the Lower Ground, Centre Court; I saw Robbie, the 24-feet tall robot helping one of the penguins decorate the Christmas tree.
Nearby, Parson the snowman having a jolly laugh while the penguins were hard at work.
Here, I found Dante the ringmaster and Lulu the little blonde girl probably rehearsing the circus act together. 

Alas, I didn't find Charlie.

Charlie, Robbie, Parson, Dante, Lulu and others, including the penguins are characters made for IOI City Mall's "How I Made Christmas" promo. It was fun finding these characters and visitors can learn more about the characters from the complimentary mall guide/story book/colouring book/sticker book that are provided for mall visitors.
The booklet let us dive into the wonderful world Christmas Circus with Charlie, the main character in the book. Kids love the book. I do too. ^^

Oh yes, complete the colouring pages in the book and redeem a mystery gift  by presenting the booklet to the redemption counter at Ground Floor, West Wing. Hurry as the gift is limited!
Another fun thing to do while shopping in IOI City Mall between Nov 27th, 2015 to Jan 3rd, 2016 apart from shopping in the many shops available there is their interactive "Spot. Snap. Win!" instagram contest. What are we waiting for? ^^ 

More fun things to see at IOI City Mall includes :
  • Christmas buskers show
  • Jolly brass band
  • Christmas cabaret show
  • Be our guest dance show
  • Santa & friends dance show
  • Carlo Rino Whimsical Wonderland
  • Miss Focus Point Dazzling 2015

Or maybe I can enter the YES Shop & Travel contest after spending more than RM350.00 at IOI City Mall? Cool rpizes wor... Travel packages to Busan, Perth, Shanghai, Hong Kong & Pattaya to be won. Hubby did mention he wanted to go holiday to Pattaya...

More info on their promotions, events and contests can be found at their facebook page:

So much fun thing to do and to be won... But I was content hanging out with the jolly Parson the Snowman. Hohoho (eh, itu Santa Claus!)
and a group photo afterwards.
Before we adjourned for the day, we had a treat from Eggette Lab; a yummy eggette original flavour for each of us. It's better to enjoy them while they are still hot but I was too full so I brought them back and shared with Son later.
Hubby sent me to IOI City Mall in the morning so I had to find my way back. Conveniently, IOI City Mall provides free shuttle bus to KTM Serdang (do check their timetable for bus schedule).
The waiting area where the bus is parked at P3 is really nice and airy. There's a surau located on the same floor too. 

But if hubby is with me and we parked somewhere in the massive parking area in the mall's parking, we won't need to worry about finding our car later.

IOI City Mall has in place the Parking Guidance System (PGS) which is the first in Malaysia to help us hapless lost visitors trying to find our cars with their Car Finder System with the installation of more than 2,000 cameras around the 5,500 parking bays in the mall.

Next time I visit IOI City Mall with Hubby and Son, I am so gonna test their Car Finder System! LOL


  1. wah!! Mak Glam and Friends for Christmas at IOI City Mall, how nice lah!!

  2. so many nice activities going there and all done together with a bunch of beautiful people, makan somemore!! :)

    now I remember I've been to this huge mall.. the first time, I spent one whole afternoon and only managed to explore the ground floor!!! hahaha~~

    1. I haven't explore all the malls also. LOL

      It sure is HUGE!

      And with plenty of makan places. :)

  3. Looks like they fixed the parking problem there.

    Aiyoyo...i wanna meet charlie brown too leh....

    1. The parking problem caused by our forgetfulness. Hahaha

      Don't go looking for Charlie Brown at IOI Mall! The Charlie there is not from Peanuts. Hihihi

  4. Mr Parson the Snowman is really jolly and cute! Look at his laughing face and really fat body. I like!

  5. You had so much fun, that's for sure! Quite cute lah the Christmas characters. I like the snowman :)

    1. I sure did!

      Kenyang some more! I felt like Parson by the end of the tour. LOL

  6. Looks like you really made Christmas! Fun and joyful time with your gang! Nice!!

  7. I haven't tried ice skating in the longest years, Lina. Boy, that was fun! xoxo

    1. Maybe a session soon, for you? :)

      Don't forget to show us photos if you do! :)

  8. Are they all characters from Snoopy and Charlie Brown cartoons? Well at least there's more variety, and there's a big Christmas tree. Better than just a ton of Snoopies.

    1. Nope. They are not characters from Peanuts.

      These are original character developed by the mall's team themselves. And it's circus based theme. :)


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