Two Runs, One Weekend (Sunday At Amnig I Am Warrior Run)

The family had checked-in at e.City Hotel which is located right across from where the Amnig I am Warrior Run will be flagged-off last Sunday.

The hotel stay was a treat for Son's birthday too and have to say, the hotel was really nice. Wi-fi access in room not so great though.

Hubby and I already joined the Ice Watch Light Up The Night Run, the night before and I was super excited to run another 10K with my friends who joined the race too but I somehow got a bad case of chafing on both my inner arms so I decided to DNS the 10K so as not to aggravate the pain further and we chose to follow the 5K runners and Hubby, took photos of the runners in the run.

It was rather annoying to get chafing when I was wearing all my favourite race attire and had run in the same getup for a Full Marathon just two months ago! But I guess I got fatter lah. All the makan session I had done the past week. Huhuhu
It was our first time visiting One City and overall impression, it's a nice neighbourhood with a nice route to boot. Wouldn't mind coming here again for a race.

Since we only covered a short distance, there isn't really much to talk about.
We met friends, both who had done a run the night before and those who only did the race's 10K on Sunday morning. We met with respected runners who were on duty as volunteer marshalls and had a nice chat with them. Always a pleasure to meet the humble runners who are never stingy sharing their experiences. And we took a lot of photos. 

We didn't plan to take that many photos this weekend and I had left my NEX camera at home and brought our dinky, very old, rather slow T-90 camera instead so the photos were a bit... ugh. Sorry about that! BUT I still take offense at comments asking me to change camera!
10K runners were flagged-off at 7.30am and 5K runners flagged-off at 7.45am. To ensure that the 5K runners didn't "accidentally" start off with the 10K runners, plenty of reminders were made and annouced about the flag-off time.

But overall impression : 
  • good information in race guide provided at their facebook page.
  • runners were able to change their event tee if the size wasn't a right fit (female M turned out out to be too tight for me).
  • good route with good marshalls. The marshalls told us the 10K was a bit underdistance covering only 9.6K.
  • great weather.
  • plenty of activities after the run. Warrior paint were available near the stage area before the run for runners to put their "warrior face" on.
And yes, totally digging their event tee! I wish I changed mine to L size! Hahaha

The sling bag they provided during REPC was nice too.

Even though I didn't do my 10K, I still feel I had a good Sunday morning outdoors. One doesn't necessarily need to run to enjoy and support a running event. ^^


  1. Yes... very true. Doesn't have to run. Just to support also can be an enjoyable thing to do.

  2. Your family has always been supportive for all the events whether to lari or just cheer and support with cold drinks! Kudos!

    One City, I am waiting to visit this month when my Penang friends come to KL.

    1. I didn't manage to fully explore One City yet...

      But the e.City Hotel is nice.

  3. yeah, doesn't need to run but the presence of Mak Glam is already a big bonus for the event!!

    the event would be filled with stardom and the runners would be starstruck by the appearance of Mak Glam!!


    1. LOL

      You sure are semut karamel lah. Hihihi

    2. Amboi! Mulut so manis! I kena diabetes!

  4. Yes, just go and have fun, not so much on winning but staying healthy and bonding with family and friends!


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