Authentic Neapolitan Pizza Experience At Tino's Pizza Cafe

Remember my post on me learning to ice-skate at Icescape Ice Rink in IOI Mall, Putrajaya? (Link here).

After almost an hour of ice-skating, I was famished and was sure glad when it was time for the group, together with Ms Sheena, Mr Phua and the ice rink coaches to head to Tino's Pizza Cafe, located on Level 2, just above Icescape Ice Rink. 
We were greeted warmly by the assistant brand manager, Ms Engku Nurul Jannah who proceeded to show us our tables and pretty soon, our lunch arrived.

Truth be told, Tino's Pizza; which are baked in a 500 degree celcius oven in just 2 minutes may take a bit adjusting to, for some. Because that's what happened when I ordered a few boxes of them for a quick lunch with my colleagues once. Not everybody are used to it, as they are more used to pizzas from Pizza Hut or Domino's. But, I like Tino's pizza just fine. They are not run-of-the-mill pizza, for one. 
First up, Tino's Iced Fruit Tea (RM8.50) to quench our thirst after a "hard" session of ice-skating. Hehehe

Lovely combo of passion fruit and lime juice with bits of pineapple. Alert - it's not really sweet and a has that bitter black tea taste so those who need sweet drinks... this one not too sweet lah. 
We were then served with Pesto Pollo Spaghetti (RM23.90) which we shared among the four of us at our table.
Loving the mushroomssssss... Perfect for a carboloading meal. ^^
Something new for my palate was served in these Tino's Club House (RM21.90) that comprises of Tino's Wings, Dory Fish Fries (yummy!the dip was good too) and peanut butter fries. 
Yup. Peanut butter and it wasn't as weird as I first thought it would be. Not sweet and rather creamy. But maybe a hint of hotness in the creaminess would be better, for me at least. 

We were informed that the fries is a hit item in Tino's Pizza Cafe menu.
Next up was Mr Tino (from RM24.90); with beef/chicken slices, mushroom, black olives, rocket leaves, capsicum and melted cheese for toppings. 
Hurry up and eat already lah!
 Then came the Salmone Affumicato (RM19.90)
I love smoked salmon. I love my fresh veges. But getting both on a piece of bread is still something I haven't gotten used to. Hehehe So I ate them separately and it was great. *kampung*
Then it was time for desserts. As if we can fit inmore food in our already stuffed tummy. Hahaha

Ooops.... this Lemonberry Delight (RM18.90) kena eaten before I got the chance to take photo! Ish ish ish

The lemon taste wasn't too overpowering or too tart (I hate the really sour ones) and it was rather light and refreshing.
For a richer tasting desserts, we were served Peanut Butter Banana Oreo (RM18.90). The creamy and salty peanut butter taste stands out in this. 
Happy faces at the table.

It was a good lunch and a great sharing session with Ms Sheena and Mr Phua about Icescape too. We were also briefed on each items served by Ms Engku Nurul Jannah who were always on hand to answer our questions.

Again, thank you Icescape Ice Rink, IOI City Mall and Tino's Pizza Cafe for the hospitality!

More info about Tino's Pizza cafe can be found at :


  1. The food looks great! I wonder what is it about the pizza that needs getting used to. It looks delicious to me and I will love it at first bite. The peanut butter fries sounds interesting. Must check it out :)

    1. A few of my friends didn't like the charred crust...

      A few also didn't like those thin crust pizza.

      Like that la. ;)

      Yeah,the peanut butter fries is interesting and not that bad either. But dipping it in the sauce for the dory fish work better for me. Hehehe

  2. Hahaha really kampung! I think a traditional pizza chef from Italy would feel insulted if he sees his diner pick out toppings to eat separately. I think I would close my eyes and just hentam into my mouth. :P

  3. eih looks like this is not only Pizza.. there are so many other types of food to choose from, impressive selection..

    I love them all, from the top to the bottom especially the dessert.. yummy yum yum!!!

    1. I wanna try their paella the next time I visit.

      I like paella and hopefully, theirs is good. :)

  4. I havent been to IOI Mall Putrajaya -.-

  5. Have not tried fries with peanut butter...

  6. Something very new to me too.. yes, the fries with peanut butter looks interesting, I would love to try that among others!

    1. That's the spirit! Try everything at least once. :)

  7. Wow! This 500 degrees baking is great and I believe they have lots of crusts. I always liked any crusts be it burnt or crispy on the pizza, roti chanai and even roast meats.


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