Cleans With Water Only

My running buddies whatsapp group talks about everything and anything under the sun, even about running! Heh Heh
Anyways, one of the topic we talked about was about Daiso and the products. It stemmed from a conversation over my laziness of washing my trail shoes. ^^!

And this melamine sponge was recommended not only for cleaning shoes but for other stuff that needed cleaning too. But my friend who recommended it did give a word of caution. He reminded me (and the other gang too) never use it to wash cars!

I decided to test its powers and used it to first clean my kitchen. All those cooking over the long weekend...
Oh the grime! Ewwwwww... Huhuhu

And I just wiped the stove using a dry melamine sponge. No water. No cleaning liquid. No effort too.

I was impressed.

And I continued from the stove to the kitchen sink and tiles too. Talk about being industrious! Hahaha
Then, it was the shoes' turn. One pair of road shoes and another pair of trail shoes that needed cleaning badly. 
 Scrub. Scrub. Scrub. 
Just water and sponge involved.

Unlike when I was cleaning the kitchen with sponge and they remained intact, the sponge disintegrate as I was washing my shoes.
My trail shoes is finally clean! Yeay!


  1. It's that good, eh? I also wanna buy and try.

    1. Yup. It is really good.

      My friends are also loving its convenience.

      It has many sizes so you can buy the ones that suits you. :)

  2. You just got my eyes big as I need this. I always used wet kitchen towel wipes to clean my shoes.

  3. Yes I saw these at Daiso and comes with variety of packaging in small and some in medium size pakaging. But never try to use before.



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