Cat Family Story Continues

Mommy cat, Tompok finally had her kittens out one rainy night on Monday and took shelter under a neighbour's car which was parked right opposite ours.

If you remember, we had rescued two of her kittens late last month but we let Mommy Tompok took them away to care for them herself.
This time, we took her kittens and let Tompok followed us to our house. Tompok was curious and tried to check our place out which was fine by us, if she would want to stay here and ensure her kittens are safe.
 And it turned out, she had three kittens, not just two!
But after a while, Tompok kept wanting to take out her kittens away. She tried a few times but we managed to coax Tompok to stay for the night.

But when we came home after work tonight, we found Tompok waiting for us at the carpark. Alone.

At home, we found only two kittens and one was missing. 

After a few hours of searching, we found the kitten in a drain near our apartment's main gate and Son had to go in and took the kitten out.

We didn't want to restrict Tompok movement at first, and she had access to go in and out from our yard but after what happened, we wanted to ensure the kittens stay safe and dry in our house.

A neighbour who also feeds stray gave us a cat harness to strap Tompok. We agree that it is better than keeping them all in a cage.

She can still run around our yard (we had cleared it) and it is quite spacious for Tompok and her kittens to play around but for the time being, she can't go out from our home.

It is a temporary measure until Tompok and her kittens get comfy and feels okay to stay at our home.

Our kind neighbour also said she'll look for some toys for them to play.

Tompok has always been very "manja" with us but I guess she feels strange about letting her kittens stay at our home. Can't blame a mom for feeling weird with a change of surrounding, right? 


  1. Am sure Tompok will adjusting well to her surrounding soon. Glad the little kittens and mummy are well taken care of by you and neighbour.

  2. Kudos to your son for rescuing poor kitty from the drain. Hopefully Tompok will feel secure to let her kittens stay and she will stay too with her kittens. I agree on the harness to prevent the kittens from being brought away by Tompok. How did you all manage to find the missing kitten? you all must have looked all over the area for so long.

    1. We managed to locate the kitten because we followed the mommy & tried to.listen to it meowing.

  3. You really have a good neighbour who is caring and that's a gem. I learn a new word today - Cat Harness! I would have called it a Cat Lanyard. Bwahahaha

    1. There is such a thing as cat harness la Anay. It's also called cat leash.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


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