Weekday Lunch At Chili's

Hubby and I had the day off and went to pick up Son after school and decided to have lunch at Chili's in Bangsar Shopping Centre afterwards. 

It was a good thing Son didn't have any extra classes or activities at school because some days, he'll be at school until 4pm.

We opted for Chili's lunch combo because we arrived before 3pm (lucky!) and added an order of cheese poppers.
Deep fried yumminess and oiliness! So sinful. Hahaha

Our order were served pretty quickly. We ordered three combo lunch sets and ordered three different sides that us three could share.
First side was the creamy chicken mushroom soup.
Second one was the house salad. Love this one most because it had cheese in it!
Third one was the Caesar salad.

Our mains from the lunch combo were:
Fish & chips. Not really to my liking as I find the batter too thick but the boys wallop theirs just fine.
 Second main was the chicken monterey. 
Third one was the grilled lamb shoulder. Both the chicken monterey and grilled lamb shoulder were served with a generous dollop of mashed potatoes.
And everyone had a taste of each. ^^

It was nice and relaxing lunch as we were there quite late at almost 3pm but the restaurant got busy and noisy again half an hour later (in time for Happy Hour?)

The staff were attentive and service was fast.

Really a nice lunch with the family for us.


  1. Sound like a delightful lunch for you and family. The mashed potatoes so generously served with white cream. Yummy. I would enjoy that.

    My kids would love the fish n chips. They wouldn't know if batter too thick or not. As long as it is fried, anything ok. Lol.

    1. Yup, it was sure a nice lunch.

  2. Everything served at Chilli's is sure bagus and yums! I can eat there for every meal if got someone belanja.

  3. I haven't been to Chili's for a long time! Yummy! xoxo


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