Leisure Sports Tour In Korea

Through a friend and fellow blogger, I got to know about a Leisure Sports Tour In Korea presentation at Korea Tourism Organization which is located in Menara Hap Seng.

Curious to know about it, I signed up and attended the presentation on Saturday.
The presentation started with the usual presentation about Korea in general and famous tourists sites around the country.

It was presented by Ms June Lau who is the marketing manager for Malaysia & Brunei.
But truthfully, most of us perked up when the presentation continued with some notable marathons and ultra-marathon events held in the country.

Most of Korea's marathon has tough COT of about 5 hours but there are also a few with less tough COT of about 6 hours or so.

A friend of mine did Jeju ultramarathon earlier this year and it has a 7 hour COT for its 50K category! She is awesome and she managed to complete her ultramarathon, no problem.
We were later presented with some tour options available by NTC that is unique and out-of-the-beaten-path and cater for the outdoorsy type of tourists.

Be it marathon tours, cycling tours or hiking tours - there are quite a number of pretty interesting options. I was quite interested in the cycling tours. 

It was pretty interesting and all, and I was almost convinced I need to go to Korea and run in Jeju during the presentation! 
After the presentation, we were treated with a sumptuous Korean buffet at a Korean restaurant located on the first floor, Oiso.


And I even bumped into a fellow Gaited Community member, a Korean expat living in Malaysia who attended the presentation too.


  1. I had to look up what COT (cut off time) means. What a nube. Looks like the presentation is a success. My friends love to go to S.Korea, especially Seoul.


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