100PLUS also launches an all-new, crowd favourite flavour -100PLUS BLACKCURRANT
Leong Wai Yin, 100PLUS Senior Marketing Manager
Lai Ming Kong, Senior Vice President, Domestic Commercial Operations F&N
Graham Lim, Vice President, Brand Marketing F&N.
Datin Wira Dr. Hajah Siti Hawa Mohd, Director of Mydin Mohamed Holdings Berhad.
PETALING JAYA, 12 APRIL 2018: Since the launch in 1983 as the first isotonic beverage in Malaysia, 100PLUS has always been ahead of its time with its Sports & Active Lifestyle positioning. Understanding the shift in consumer preference towards healthier beverage, 100PLUS takes the leap to meet the demand. Today, F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd is proud to announce the whole range of 100PLUS will now carry the Healthier Choice Logo.

The reformulated 100PLUS ORIGINAL and 100PLUS ACTIVE was released with the Healthier Choice Logo last year after the launch by the Ministry of Health in April 2017. 100PLUS followed suit with the initiative to reformulate the whole range including 100PLUS BERRY, 100PLUS ORANGE, and 100PLUS LEMON LIME, which had rolled out into the market with the Healthier Choice Logo printed on its new packaging starting March 2018.

Graham Lim, Vice President, Brand Marketing of F&N said, “From here forward, each beverage in our portfolio will trail along as we are committed to offer our consumers the best. 100PLUS will also make headway as a healthier beverage among consumers who are not only active in sports, but live an active lifestyle too. Now everyone can enjoy 100PLUS as a healthier choice of beverage with a lower amount of sugar content.

“Reformulation is a complex process, and we want to ensure that we were still able to retain the right balance of taste and flavours that are already favoured by our consumers as well as providing the optimal benefits of rehydration. We have successfully revamp the formula for the entire range of 100PLUS variants, which will now contains 6 grams or lesser amount of sugar for every 100ml, and essentially meeting the criteria for Healthier Choice Logo regulation. This is in line with the brand's aspiration to encourage individuals to unleash their potential and live an active lifestyle,” added Graham Lim.

The Healthier Choice Logo is intended to provide point-of-sale information to the consumer in making informed food choices. The objective is to create an environment which supports healthy eating and to promote active living for all.

Leong Wai Yin, 100PLUS Senior Marketing Manager added, “In conjunction with this healthier movement, we also wanted to elevate the excitement further by launching an all new flavour that ranks amongst the most popular flavours Malaysians love; 100PLUS Blackcurrant – a refreshing carbonated dark purple drink that will not only provides an optimum hydration, but satisfy your taste buds.”
Mira Filzah
100PLUS Ambassador & Celebrity Actress
100PLUS Ambassador Mira Filzah, who was present in the launch said, “Being in the entertainment industry, work schedule can get hectic very quickly. Hence, I choose 100PLUS as my go-to beverage to hydrate my body throughout the day. Not only does it provides a refreshing taste, it also helps to replenish body fluid lost.”

Joining Mira to celebrate and host the launch was celebrity host CK Faizal. The event was also graced by Lai Ming Kong, Senior Vice President, Domestic Commercial Operations F&N and Datin Wira Dr. Hajah Siti Hawa Mohd, Director of Mydin Mohamed Holdings Berhad.

Stay hydrated with Malaysia’s No. 1 Isotonic Drink, a smarter choice for your active lifestyle!

About Healthier Choice Logo
The implementation of Healthier Choices Logo (HCL) is an initiative by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, launched by Deputy Minister of Health, Datuk Seri Dr. Hilmi Yahaya on 20 April last year. It is in line with the strategy of the National Plan of Action for Nutrition Malaysian (NPANM) III (2016-2025) to promote healthy eating and active living for all. The 65th World Health Assembly (WHA) 2012 Resolution also highlighted the importance of food labelling schemes as a strategy to educate consumers on healthy food choices. Besides that, 23rd ASEAN Summit 2013 stressed the roles and responsibilities of food industries to produce more food that are healthier in the market.

Food products may carry the Healthier Choices Logo if they meet the nutrient criteria specified by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. The implementation of HCL is on voluntary basis by the industries. Applications need to be submitted to Nutrition Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia and certification will be given upon approval. These guidelines are applicable to individual company and its advertising and/or other related agencies.

However, the primary responsibility for enforcing and conforming to these standards lies solely with the individual company. In the context of these guidelines, food refers to both foods and beverages.

About 100PLUS
100PLUS was the first isotonic beverage to be launched in Malaysia in 1983. It is thirst-quenching and caffeine-free, specially formulated to help restore what the body has lost during physical exertion and rehydrate the body to its optimal hydration balance. Its unique formula combines fluids, carbohydrates and electrolytes for quick and efficient absorption of fluids into the body.

Today, 100PLUS is one of the leading brands under the F&N flagship in Malaysia. It is produced and distributed by F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd, the largest soft drinks distributor and manufacturer in Malaysia.

For more information on 100PLUS, please visit the official website at or social media page @my100plus at Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.


  1. I still love this drink more than any other sport's drink! 100 likes for 100 Plus!

    1. Yeah, almost everyone drinks them.

      And now, got so many flavours too.

  2. That is an accomplishment to be recognised and certified.

    1. The award is good in view of getting Malaysian to lead a healthier lifestyle.


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