Lunch At Hokkaido Ichiba

We had a big group going for lunch and we decided to go to Hokkaido Ichiba.

It was a nice lunch as the staff who attended to us, Kumar and another lady were efficient and attentive to serve us.

Our order were served fast and in no time, everyone (all 32 pax of us) enjoyed our meal.
For me, I shared this big plate of kaori-hako kani to tobikko salad with a few others. It was GOOD! It's miso dressing has a nice tang to it and not rich at all compared to goma dressing. 
I ordered the sushi to mini udon set and was happy with it.

Lunch was done after a scoop of ice cream and everyone went back happy and with a full tummy.


  1. That big plate of salad looked good. 36 pax and served so efficiently by just 2 staff was great. I just picked up wife from airport and we ate in the airport restaurant where 3 Bangla staff served both of us!!! So slow like snails and wife's food was rotten already as they heated up the frozen food. Terrible la.

    1. I think it's good that the two were the dedicated "servers" to our tables and thats what makes the service efficient.

      Just like at mamak lah. Staff got their own area to jaga, right? 😀

  2. Wow! A big group of diners. Who belanja makan? ;)


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