Seeing Is Believing, Fight Diabetes 21K Run Around Subang Jaya

Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC) had organized a running event to raise awareness to prevent diabetes and its complications particularly the eye complication, with the theme of the run: “Seeing is believing, Fight diabetes”.

The run, SJMC Run 2018 was held last Sunday on Apr 22, 2018 and it was its third edition after being held in 2014 and 2016.

The distance of the run had also progressed, with only 3K & 7K offered in 2014, then the 7K was upgraded to 10K in 2016 and in 2018, there were not only 3K Fun Run category & 10K category but also a half marathon!

I signed up for the half marathon, which is 2 weeks after Standard Chartered KL Marathon thinking that I'd do a long 21K run as part of my training mileage. But then... I kinda regretted not signing up for a 10K instead. Haha
The starting line and finish line of the run was at the Outpatient Centre Building compound. Some 3,500 runners converged at the centre for their respective flag-offs.

Me and my friends were busy chatting that we didn't realise our own flag-off. Luckily a volunteer came and reminded us about it. LOL

I wasn't feeling great because of my gastric issues (I had even told Hubby the night before that I didn't feel like running in a race) so I didn't push for the run.

I had drank my concoction of soya milk with kurma (dates) that were soaked overnight which kinda helped me to be full when I didn't want to eat anything so early in the morning, but it didn't help to soothe my tummy that morning. On a good day, this drink can last me through at least a 17km LSD.

My doctor friend, who is a specialist at SJMC assured me that if I needed any medical help, it will be available without a problem and she will help personally to select the medicine. That's the good thing about running in a hospital/medical centre event la, right?

I started late and was about the last 10 runners who were running at KM1 mark. I was a tad worried but later, as we approached KM2, we converged with the 10K runners who were just flagged off and the run felt more festive. Having more runners running alongside is good for me as I am not really fussed about breaking away from the crowd to run faster.

The 10K crowd actually help carried the momentum for me to run in a much happier state.

It is Subang Jaya and there are sections where the traffic got heavier and sections where drivers were irate at us and started honking. At KM11, a driver who had to stop to give way to us runners actually stepped out from his car to show his annoyance.

OK, I understand some drivers were frustrated at being stuck but come to think of it, there were a hundred (at best) drivers that morning but there were 3,500 of us on foot. Most are road-tax paying citizens too.

But with a large number of traffic police manning critical junctions and almost every other junctions were manned by at least one marshall/volunteer, I felt assured that safety was taken care of.

Of course there are sections where the coned off road were too small to accommodate everyone and some ran outside the coned area. Marshalls on motorbikes check on the route and runners to ensure everyone's safety.

Interestingly, running along the route near SS15 LRT station, although the traffic was heavy, drivers were mostly patient and mindful of us runners. 
The volunteers at the water station, who are SJMC staff themselves were awesome! Some of the WS were small with only one table but the volunteers worked hard to provide drinks, bananas and sponges to runners. 

There was this one section at KM8 (or later KM15) where the WS was located near a few rows of houses and I looked worriedly at the discarded paper cups strewn all over, in front of the houses. I always wonder why runners can't throw their paper cups in the trash bag provided at the WS.

One house owner was standing outside his home and luckily he didn't look to annoyed. I said good morning to him and he asked about the run.

A guy commented that I still look strong while running uphill at around KM9 or KM10 (can't really remember) but I told him that I was slow. And I was! Huhu

Later, while doing the second loop (oh yeah, the 21K route involves a bit of looping), I saw a guy clearing away the paper cups and I thank him.

Afterwards, at KM15 I chit-chatted with a guy who was putting in some mileage to prepare for his first ultra at Route 68. 

I started the run not feeling great and had initially thoughts of abandoning the run after KM2 but as I approached KM10 I felt much better. Although my pace didn't change or got faster, running felt much easier as the km progressed. Engine lambat start mah...
I finally finished my 21K and saw friends waiting for our gang after the Finish line.
Ooops. Sorry. Wrongly credited. This photo was actually taken by Hubby. I'm too lazy to change the watermark now lah.
Hubby was waiting and snapping photos in front of the hospital and continued to do so while I went to collect my medal, finisher tee, lucky dip, Gardenia awesome sandwiches, Nestle cereal and Milo.

Post race refreshment, just like the goodies pack during REPC were generous.
Friends at the finish line. And me with my Milo, cereal and 1.5ltr bottle of mineral water given by the volunteers after I finished my run. LOL

I rested for a bit, chatted with other friends and then we made our way home. Can't stay around too long, our son and the cats are waiting for us at home.
The 21K route of SJMC Run 2018.

I like the undulating route. It has enough challenge to keep runners "entertained".

Sure, the event wasn't 100% perfect and the the Start/Finish line located at the new wing of SJMC may have contributed to the jam and caused inconvenience for those not running but I like this low key event.

I had joined the run since 2014 and I hope there will be a 2020 edition (if its going to be held bi-annually again).

Thank you to Subang Jaya Medical Centre for organizing the event and to all the staff, crew and volunteers who had helped making the run a fun one.

Photos taken at SJMC Run 2018 can be viewed at Cik Arnab & En Kura-Kura Facebook page. Do LIKE and FOLLOW us for more race updates and reviews.


  1. a bit more...a bit more... a bit more... Hahaha and complete. Congratulations again :)

  2. Congrats on running and completing yet another race. Good that there are people clearing up the paper cups on the road.

    1. Of course there are!

      But I still don't like the way some runners discarding them fat from the designated bins and threw them carelessly.

  3. Better take care of your gastric, Lina. Good job! xoxo

  4. LOLOL.... You whined so much about your tummy pain and late start. I saw that photo of sweeper truck and thought you kena naik truck too but you really finished the 21K!!! Congratulations Lina! You made it no matter how tough life could be.


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