Nat Geo Earth Day Run Malaysia 2018

Among the many road races going on the weekend of Apr 21 & 22, one of them was the National Geographic Earth Day Run (Nat Geo Earth Day Run). While it is an annual race held since 2007 in Taiwan and in 2010 in Philippines; Apr 22nd, 2018 was its inaugural event in Malaysia.

Both runs have been growing in scale with Philippines hitting their record of 20,000 participants in 2015 and in Taiwan, participation rates increased by 2,000 for the runs in Kaohsiung and New Taipei in the same year. For Malaysia, the race participation was capped at only 2,500 runners if I am not mistaken.

In conjunction with Earth Day and its theme of no plastic waste, National Geographic (Nat Geo) had organized the Nat Geo Earth Day Run to help raise awareness in on plastic pollution’s harm and educate the public on what we as individuals can do to help.

The Malaysian Nat Geo Earth Day Run held in Gamuda Walk, Kota Kemuning serves to protect our planet through renewable energy consumption, reducing plastics, and continued education on how to lower our carbon footprint.

There was also a mini eco-awareness fair on event day to culminate the event, with Nat Geo partners sharing tips and tricks for better waste management, including reusing and recycling plastics.
With that in mind, registered runners were provided with a reusable bottle during REPC to use during the race. Nat Geo Earth Day Run is a zero waste event and no water bottles or paper cups were provided at the run.
And we top up our water at this water station.
No mineral water bottles were discarded.
My younger siblings joined the 5K category this time and of course I was happy that they took part and had fun! There is a 15K category and quite a number of my running friends joined the 15K category, even the ultra kakis!
This is a really nice backdrop lah!
My youngest sister with her reusable bottle in hand.

She skipped her regular hiking trips to some mountains or other around Malaysia and joined this event.
The nice finisher medal for all finishers.
Obligatory pose with finisher medal. ^^
Plus a bottle of herbs. Cool!
Because it was such a warm morning, ice cream provided by the organizer was a welcome treat.

And oh yeah, we got Nivea deodorant too! Hahaha

Thank you Nat Geo for a well organized run and awareness program!


  1. Good for awareness but in this age I don't think we can live without plastics at all. Jusr look at all tge plastic components in our cars and smartphones,

    1. But we can try minimise using disposables like plastic bags, single use containers and such.

    2. I guess as long as disposable plastic items are being sold and are available in the market people would use them. No governments dare to ban the manufacturing of disposable plastic items yet despite the call for the public to not use them. :(

    3. I am all for the no straw campaign and bringing my own food container but when I buy fruits and vegetables from supermarkets they are all prepacked in plastics so :(

  2. It was so fun and nice to have your siblings too.
    I agree that back drop is nice and very unique!


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