A Mixed Bag Weekend

The weather is sure so hot nowadays and the relief of rain comes intermittently and being outdoors sure can be a sweaty affair.
We had a couple of wedding invites last weekend and on Saturday, we attended those before rushing home because I had a night run in Putrajaya later that Saturday night.
I joined the 13K category in SCORE Run Night edition in Putrajaya instead of its 21K. I was not really happy at first to be allocated "only" the 13K slot but come race day, it was such a relief to run a lesser distance because I didn't run at all (again!) this week. 

My timing is pretty much similar with my Besraya Highway Challenge which I did two Sundays ago.
While waiting for me to finish my run, the boys enjoyed dinner at the food truck area located next to Sultan Mizan mosque (or Masjid Besi). 
I had thought of just relaxing on Sunday and finish some assignments but somehow we went to Taman Warisan Pertanian and kepoh at RAUR REPC.

RAUR 2018, a 12-hour ultra relay will be held this Saturday, May 12th 2018 at Taman Warisan Pertanian, Putrajaya.
Got hungry a bit so we had lunch there too at the Warisan Cafe and we all had this Nasi Goreng Warisan.
And later, while waiting for the last few teams to collect their RAUR bib, we enjoyed some durian at a nearby stall there and left shortly after 6.00pm.


  1. Makan kenduri and after that run, ya? Good lah you!

  2. My eyes can't focus on the text because the food photos look too delicious especially the durian.


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