First Buka Puasa Out Of Home

We've been celebrating and observing fasting for Ramadan for more than a week now.

The family has been eating at home for both sahur and buka puasa, but I suddenly had a hankering for sushi after watching a documentary about sushi-making on NHK World.

Hubby tried to make a reservation for buka puasa at our favorite restaurant, Miyagi in Bangi but it was fully booked so we decided to go there a bit later and made a reservation at 8pm instead.
So at first, our buka puasa was simply some dates and McD coffee.

At 8pm, we went to Miyagi and our table was ready.
 Son ordered beef teppanyaki.
 Hubby had the beef teriyaki and sashimi combo set.
And I had the yakiniku and sushi set.

It was great, as usual and we were completely satisfied.

We just realised that Miyagi had opened another outlet in Kajang Prima called Miyagi Sushi. But looking at the deco there, I think I still like the Bangi outlet better.

Miyagi Sushi Kajang Prima has kaiten-zushi or conveyer belt sushi.

Maybe we'll check them out if I have a hankering for sushi again. Or I can just wait till we visit Japan again soon! Hahaha


  1. Quick thinking to book a later time when you were informed that they are fully booked and buka puasa with some dates and coffee first. I have been eating Japanese food once a week but at affordable chain places not those expensive ones of course.

    1. Once a week at affordable places also still so syioklah!

  2. You are so quick thinking to delay till 8.00pm! I would never have thought of this way. Next time I will camp outside until table is ready.

    Your son is so grown up and skinnier now like a young man! Ade GF?

    1. Haha

      Anay have to ask him himself lah!


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