A Night In Toba, Japan

After lunch at the train station in Toba, we decided to walk the area before boarding the free shuttle that's provided by our hotel. It was rather cold and windy so we decided against venturing too far out.
We stayed at a hotel called Senpokaku, located on top of a hill with a panoramic view of Toba Bay and the journey involved a steep climb up a hill. So it was a relief to use their shuttle van after all.

Checking-in was a breeze, and I noticed that they had prepared our room key and an English instruction beforehand.

We didn't splurge that much for our hotel in Toba. It is a Japanese Inn with onsen facilities and our room cost about 11,000 yen for the room for two pax per night. We opted for breakfast only option and bought our dinner elsewhere.
Our room, that comes with a balcony and a view and here, our futons are all  ready and spread out for us.
Sweets and tea for us too.

We enjoyed tea and later our store-bought dinner at the balcony.
The highlight of staying in a Japanese Inn is of course, the onsen (hot spring).

The entrance to women's hot spring area. Blue is for men.
The indoor bath area.
The outdoor bath area was outside the building and we had to take some stairs to head to the outdoor bath.

We visited the indoor bath area once for a dip, and the outdoor ones - countless of times.
Breakfast the next morning was buffet style.

The staff line up at the entrance to greet guests before ushering us to our tables.
Squid sashimi for breakfast! Chewy & crunchy. Yumms!
There's even Ise Ebi in our miso soup.


We already had a dip in the hot spring before breakfast so we ate our breakfast slowly and later it was time to check-out.

It's just a short stay and we enjoyed it a lot.

We took the shuttle bus again after we check out and our next destination was Nagoya. 


  1. Yes, can really see you both enjoying fully the lifestyle of tradtional Japanese inns with many trips to the onsen to soak up the atmosphere and just relax to the delicious sashimi breakfast. That's the life!

    1. It was really nice and to make it a bonus, the room we got wasn't expensive! ;)

  2. Looks great, I'm ever so envious.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I love this type of inns in Japan as their services are different from the bigger hotels. The miso was definitely delicious with ebi sticking out. I miss Japan and their onsens which are different from Korea.


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