Hari Raya AidilAdha Holiday Long Walk

For the second day Hari Raya Aidiladha, which falls on Monday and a replacement holiday for Sunday; Hubby and I decided to go for a walk around Putrajaya.

It's been ages since we last did this and if I remember correctly, the last time was for our so-called "Darussalam Fun 50" when we both spent 11 hours walking around Putrajaya and did 50K in memory of a dear friend who passed away.

Anyhoo, this time our walk wasn't as long or as far.

We only planned to do 4-5 hours brisk walking (no, no running done at all).
We started from McDonald's Presint 2 after having breakfast there at around 8 am and head towards Taman Empangan and later to Kompleks Sukan Air Putrajaya.

The 2019 IWWF World Waterski Championships is being held there from 13 - 18 August so we saw many athletes having their familiarisation session.
From there, we continued on to the Cyberjaya Section along the lakeside path before entering back to Putrajaya's Presint 8.
We continued on along the lakeside well-maintained path, passing through nice houses with their own private pools and also here.
It was around KM16 when we crossed this bridge as we decided to head to Alamanda Putrajaya.
We reached Alamanda, Putrajaya after walking for 20KM.

We bought some cold drinks from AEON Big and ate some bread that we had brought along before making our way back to our car which was parked at Presint 2.

It was a nice, breezy morning when we walked to Alamanda but as we were heading back, the sun came out in full force and it was quite a hot walk back.

We made our way back in an easy pace.
After finishing our walk, we enjoyed some Ribena Strawberry ice blended drink at McDonald's.

Sedap, not too sweet and the sour hint gave a refreshing jolt to us after our walk.
The 20KM plus done route map from Presint 2 to Alamanda. 

We later continued for 4KM plus for our return walk from Alamanda to Presint 2.

It took us about 5 hours for the almost 25K walk and it was a rather nice walk with hubby.

We haven't done something like this for a while so it kinda brought memories of those long run and walk sessions we had done just by ourselves or with friends around Putrajaya.


  1. What a loving couple!! Jalan jalan sambal exercise. I actually love the whole Putrajaya too for both cycling and running.

  2. Never try McD's ice blended.

    Nice walk with your hubby. Weather looked good and nice there. It has been very warm and hazy here. Sigh.

    1. Hope haze will go away soon!
      Take care.

  3. I love long leisure walks like this. I saw mcd strawberry ribena drink. now I am tempted to buy it.


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