Absolute Thai For Lunch

Me and my colleagues went to Absolute Thai Gardens Mall one day, before our "video shoot" for an annual dinner video presentation later at Gardens Theatre.
We started with Crispy Spring Rolls. Just nice, one roll for each of us.
We shared two Pineapple Fried Rice with Prawns.
And enjoyed this Thai Mango Salad with Crispy Catfish. Sedap, not too spicy for my Chinese colleagues.
Then, we had two of this Sizzling Ming Prawns with Creamy Butter Sauce. I'm afraid I don't really like this rather rich dish.
Pandan Leaves Chicken comes next.
And our vege of choice was the Stir-Fried Hong Kong Kailan with Garlic & Oyster Sauce.

We also ordered a pot of the Hot & Spicy Tom Yam Seafood but I guess I forgot to take the photo.
For desserts, we had Sago Honeydew in Coconut Milk. A refreshing end for our meal.

It was really a nice lunch with colleagues and fortunately, we still could managed to finish our video-shoot despite being full! Hehehe


  1. Everything very ngam for me! There is one at 1 Utama but I have yet to have the chance to visit.

    1. I've never visited the outlet there either. May be can go one day ;)

  2. Love the food in this post. I believe I have eaten at Absolute Thai before but not very sure at which branch. I think it was at IPC before their renovation.

    1. according to ipc website, absolute thai is still there, with a new look, not the same decor when I ate there.


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