Getting Lucky At Luckin Kopi

On one of the few rare occasions that we did a "jalan-jalan cari makan" in the KL city area, we stumbled upon a newly opened kopitiam called Luckin Kopi just a stone's throw away from Pasar Seni MRT station (and also nearby the Pasar Seni LRT station).

Luckin means "fortune", which is closely related with the Oranda; a breed of goldfish that is regarded as "the flower of the water".

And you can see a goldfish in Luckin Kopi logo.

We arrived during the peak lunch hour period and there was a queue forming outside the shop. But nothing to worry, as Luckin Kopi staff were quick to assist us in getting a queue number and later our table.

Our table was located on the first floor and to get up, we go up this old-style wooden stairs. So nostalgic.

And indeed, the place brimmed with the nostalgic feel of old shop-houses we used to see when we were younger. So while we wait for our order to arrive, we just enjoyed to opportunity to look around and soak in the ambiance.

Despite a full house, we didn't need to wait long for our order to arrive. Our pasta dish was served a bit later but the staff had informed us about the wait and apologised for the delay. We didn't mind at all.

So what did we try during our first visit to Luckin Kopi? 

As per its name, what caught our eyes first was their kopi selection and we ordered the Signature 3-States Kopi which is a very recent addition to the outlet's menu.
The 3-states kopi: Malacca kopi, Ipoh kopi and Kuala Lumpur (Hainan) kopi. Served with local desserts of the day.

This "sampler platter" of sorts only sets us back RM14.90.
A guide of the three kopis.
And yes, all three have a distinct taste of their own so it was fun trying all three in one sitting.

Maybe in future, Luckin Kopi can add more local kopis in their menu for diners to try them out. That'll be fun, no?

We can't only drink kopi and not eat anything, right? After all, it was lunch hour and we need to fuel up as we plan to use the GOKL bus and go pusing-pusing around KL after our lunch.
But I still ordered a cup of Hot Luckin Cham first (RM3.90). Hahaha
Hubby had Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang (RM12.90) which is a very, very good value.
I decided to order one of their bestsellers - Petai Pasta (RM20.90) because I am a petai lover. The portion is quite big and can amply feed two people. The pasta is cooked aglio olio style with a generous dose of black pepper that warmed up my tummy. The sambal petai was added on top, and it wasn't too hot or spicy and the taste somehow matched with the pasta really well. There's also chicken karaage on the side, making this dish very filling.

And we even top up our order with a Kaya Butter Toast (RM3.50).
Our lunch.

We feel that the a-la carte menu is well priced already, but Luckin Kopi still offer more great deal for weekday diners. (Lucky them).
Their weekday mix & match breakfast menu.
Luckin Kopi Weekday Lunch menu, with unlimited refill of Luckin Kopi Kaw.


Here's a video we made at Luckin Kopi too. Enjoy!

Luckin Kopi is located at 14, Jalan Panggung and opens from 7.00 am to 9.00pm.

Not only do they serve good food and delicious coffee, the kopitiam is also a great place for OOTD. Just don't come during peak lunch or dinner crowd like we did, if you plan to do a "photo session" there. 


  1. Waaah! This is the first time I heard of Petai Pasta. I wish to try this.
    How come they didn't serve Penang Kopi which is unique and great?

    1. Maybe if the response is good,they'll feature more local kopi there.
      I also want to try penang coffee!

  2. Coffee lovers would enjoy the different coffees.

    Food looked good too. Good review from you.

    1. Definitely.
      Coffee lovers should try it

  3. I have visited this place and I love how they rejuvenated the old shop house and the price of the food is really good value for money. Their coffee is so rich kaw kaw, really good.

    1. Wah, you're quite fast!
      Did I miss your review?

    2. here's the url

  4. Food looks indeed good, price is very reasonable and the local dessert/biscuits are my liking.

    1. Indeed.
      Come, we try together one day.


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