Friday, 24 December 2010

Holiday Mood Swtiched ON

Reported to work as usual today and man, although I am physically there at the office, the mind had wandered off. I guess my brain had switched off to holiday mode since last week! I think the holiday mode will be on till New Year! LOL

The office was pretty quiet today, with most of the 30-strong people in my department taking  their year-end break. It was much worse after lunch with most people leaving early leaving just three staff in the department.

Anyway, the people in the office are sure a generous bunch. Somebody "tapaued" coffee from McD from me and I even got a few Xmas gift today from managers from other department. You guys are sure nice people.

What's your plan for tomorrows? We are going to hit KL and go gallivanting around town tomorrow. Hopefully, the weather will co-operate with us.


  1. Tomorrow? I don't know yet where to go, lagipun, esok last day stay kat KL, as awal pagi Sunday tu, balik Sabah dah...huhu

  2. Wah, looks like Santa dropped by your office huh :D

    I'm having Christmas dinner at the Dorsett with the family on Christmas night :D But other than that I plan to just bask in the long leave I'm taking :D

  3. yeah, yesterday is really holiday mood for everyone.. many taking leave and the office is very quiet, all also working half-force only~~ :p

  4. so nice your manager giving xmas gifts to everyone?? and somemore from other department too?? wow~~ how nice!!!

  5. merry christmas to you and your family.. and all the best in the coming new year.. :)

  6. @Zezebel,
    dah nak nalik ye... enjoy your trip back home! :)

  7. @ECL,
    Did you have a great celebration? :)

  8. @Nick,
    Enjoy your long holiday. GOing anywhere nice?

  9. @SK,
    They didn't give to everyone lah... just to me. I do have a "sunny" personality, you know. LOL

    I have great people I'm working with, they never forget to get me something when they went vacationing too. :)

  10. That is so nice, an unexpected gift? You must be doing something right! Good for you!

  11. we'll be heading out to see snow and have fun sleding =) I have to bundle up baby really good!

    Happy holidays dear!

  12. @HappySurfer,
    Either I have been doing something right, or I am popular or because I can make their life easier. LOL I do have a fearsome reputation at work. :D

  13. @Ayie,
    Hope you guys have fun! Baby Jariel must be really enjoying his time playing in the snow. :)



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