Thursday, 2 June 2011

Zoo Trip!

Had a trip to Zoo Negara on Monday as both Zaini and I took the day off to spend it with Raimie. The boy had been asking us to take him to the Zoo and despite the scorching weather we're experiencing nowadays, to the Zoo we went.

Actually, once we were at the Zoo, the heat was bearable. The Zoo had plenty of shades and walking under the trees, the heat wasn't felt all that much. Drank plenty of fluids and we were fine.

Of course, this being the zoo, we saw plenty of animals. A lot of them were having their siesta when were there though so there weren't that much animals activities.
Raimie feeding the elephant with a sugarcane. One sugarcane for the elephants cost RM3.00.
Some birds,
The "Pak Belang"having a nap...
a deer having a rest under the "daun keladi"
The hyenas were pretty active though. They were chasing each other around their enclosure.
At the Ape centre, we met a shy Orang Utan who didn't want the attention and over his/her face with banana leaf.
We saw a camel too. And feeding the camel was free!
How nice to be penguins and stay in an air-conditioned room! ^^
Fluids for Raimie. A honeydew bubble tea at RM4 per cup. Earlier, we drank Milo and 100 Plus bought from the vending machines.
There were plenty of vending machines scattered around the zoo and there were also cafes. But the prices can be a tad too high. Nelson's has the most reasonable price of all the cafes in the zoo, in my opinion.
The last agenda for us that day, watching the 3pm animal show. Then, it's time to head home. I almost had  a heatstroke, even though I was sitting in an air-conditioned car, travelling on the MRR2. The sun was just too hot!


  1. yeah, it's school holiday already!! haha, so i guess you are bringing raimie somewhere for holiday besides this zoo trip??

  2. haha, going to the zoo!!! wow, that's something i will not do, and i've not even gone to the zoo for like more than 25 years since my last visit during primary school, hahahaha~~ :D

  3. oh, i just realised it's IE's problem with the google account login.. i'm using FF to comment now and everything seems OK..

  4. You know, the Zoo has stayed EXACTLY the same since my childhood days right up to now :D But it's fun visiting the place once in a while though.

  5. @SK,
    No, just spending time at home. Gotta save a lot of $$$ for year-end 2-weeks holiday. ^^

    You got no kids right? Have kids nanti, sure kean go all these places you think you don't want to go! XD

  6. @NIck,
    No KFC inthe Zoo already lah now. ;p

  7. Haven't been to the zoo in a while. Our Manila Zoo has not been well maintained and the animals look shabby. Looks like Raimie and Zaini really enjoyed the zoo and Mommy too :)

  8. @jellybelly,
    Likewise, I felt our zoo here has the same condition too. :(

  9. What? No more KFC? Darn, that was my favourite zoo food joint la!

  10. @Nick,
    KFC was replaced by Marrybrown for a while.Now, just some random cafe and Nelson stalls. Yeah, when I was a kid, trips to zoo = makan at KFC.^

  11. Can't beat the zoo as a fun place for a boy to visit. Lots of excitment and plenty of things to do.

    Japan Australia

  12. @Japan Australia,
    And plenty to see. Kids nowadays don't get to see much of any animals roaming around other than those kept as pets.

  13. It's nice to see that our zoo is well kept and the animals are not under nourished - which is what I saw at the PD zoo *a different story entirely*

    I like the penguins - reminds me of Madagascar!

  14. @Sriyany,
    Was it bad at PD Zoo? My... that shouldn't have happen!



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